2030 MUSTANG… does it show the true FUTURE LANGUAGE of Ford?

Does this 2030 FORD MUSTANG do anything for you?

Many designers try to forecast the direction language of car brands, but only the brands like Ford can decide their true direction. It’s fun to see this exploration as a designer.

No one could predict 20 years ago that the MustangEV would be here, so by 2040, there’s a good chance that there will be tech that isn’t on the books right now. Something we can’t even see coming.

But, predict away people… What do YOU think is coming?? Hopefully, some of the ‘Stangs that are in our Coloring Book!

FORD MUSTANG 2030?? Will it look like this?

It’s anyone’s guess what the 2030 MUSTANG will look like, although it seems clear that the trend for cars will be 100% Electric.

Gas-powered cars will be going the way of the MUSEUM, but by then, pretty sure it won’t matter as the 2030 Mustang will have serious pull. But fun to postulate… What do you think? LEAVE A COMMENT!