WATCH TODAY’S VLOG! MEG SHARKS AND EXTREME MODS – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 830 – Fireball hits two private screenings today (MEG and The SCIENCE FAIR Doc), plus spots cool cars like an extreme modded Acura NSX!

2012 LAAS CONCEPTS – The Acura NSX…

Acura is poised to launch their new NSX soon. A concept car that really isn’t one, ’cause this is it. Stunning hard edged styling cues throughout position this baby to lead the pack, until softer design comes back… which will be soon and you’ll see with what Lexus is doing. But this is a beauty.

Detroit Auto Show reveals ACURA NSX…

Yes, this beast will be going into production soon so get your orders in. It’s one among several reveals at the Detroit Auto Show that are focusing on edgy design language. It’s easy to see what will be left behind, (Note to Lincoln) but Acura and Chevrolet seem to be out in front.

Stunning ACURA NSX coming to Detroit Auto Show…

Yes, the Detroit Show will be going off in January with some hot rides, including this ACURA NSX Concept. How close will the production version be to this? Does this actually drive? Will I get a chance to drive it?

Hm. …Where did that last question come from? I mean, ME… drive THAT?


On another note… packing right now for the San Diego Auto Show. WUPEEE!! Well, technically, I’m writing… but you get my drift, duh.