My Daily Sketch… S.H.I.E.L.D. THOR Sound Cannon @thor #thorthedarkworld #thor #avengers


Here are a few sketch concepts I did for THOR. The Sound Cannon Acura. You may have seen it on the show circuit and it may be at Comic Con, but these here explore what I’d call a Vibratory Weapon. Below is the final car where the gun is mounted on top. Came out pretty cool, although they chose the most conservative version.


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Tony Stark’s got a brand new RIDE…

Set photos of Robert Downey Jr. from the new AVENGERS movie reveal this TOP SECRET Acura Concept Car. What is it? Who knows, but it’s cool. Credit:

Fireball Weapon atop THOR S.H.I.E.L.D. Vehicle…

Yea, I love TOP SECRET stuff. For the past couple weeks I’ve been designing some hardware (a SOUND gun, to be specific) for this new ACURA TL. Two of the cars were delivered to the shop to be built as THOR SHIELD VEHICLES. Fabricators, Franks Collins and Mark Nazure from CVS went to work on fabricating the car and the gun I designed to fit atop. And these boys know their stuff… 2 cars in one week.

Below are several iterations of the gun and the final build that Frank did. Mark handled lighting and interior mods.  The client chose the simplest design and that’s good. Even the SpeederBike Troopers dig it. …Although he’s pointing to the price. The gun adds a bit much to the list of mods…

You’ll see two of these cars floating around to promote the film.

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