What’s on the Fireball agenda THIS WEEK?

Huge week this week. MEGAweek, I call it. And it’s got to go like clockwork to get it all done, but I have faith in the unseen as my “smackmaster.” So… let’s see.

All new 5MINUTE DRIVE episode coming with Hollywood Sculptor Bob Clark and the awesome 2013 CAMARO ZL1. Wednesday brings the 2013 PORSCHE CAYENNE GTS for another episode, to which we are skirtin’ out of town Thursday for a SEDONA and GRAND CANYON shoot. No SEMA for me this year, but I’ll keep you guys up to speed on what’s going on.

Shooting is complete for the “secret scene” for the ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW at WB, so the Christmas Mascot Costume comes back to KCL tomorrow for addition details before it’s revealed on THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS starting in December.

Also, in development for BOOK 2 of my Kid’s Book Series. Book 1 “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides” premieres worldwide in January. BIG Party happening then, but this 2nd book needs to be done by then. Woosh…

And of course, HALLOWEEN is Wednesday and I’m headin’ to my bro to hang with Fireball Alexa as she ATTACKS the streets in search of tender Halloween sweet treats. I heard she’s a Butterfly this year. So cool. I’m gonna do my best to not take any of her candy, but no guarantees.

As Christian D. Larson said… “The age-producing process retards advancement. To grow old is to go down, to deteriorate, to fail. Therefore, it is a violation of the laws of life, an obstacle to the purpose of life that must be removed if man is to do what he was created to do.”

Live for today, my friends. Think good thought for today. It’s all we have.