Did you know this about crazy fact ALABAMA??

Wacky States is on Amazon!

It’s got 22 STATE PARKS!!! Man, that’s a lot of hiking opportunity… Check out more fun facts in our BIG BOOK of Wacky States!

Today’s WACKY STATE!! #Alabama RETWEET if this is your state! #State #Cartoon #BlackBear #Autumn #Yellowhammer #Montgomery


So, today begins my feature on WACKY STATES. Although I’m trying to find a good Publisher for this book, maybe posting all the images over the next few months will help. Today, it’s ALABAMA and all the cool things about it.


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Episode 1 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY is a strong launch…


Input for the new show online has been tremendous. BIG THANKS to Architect James, Tweeters and DesignYouTrust for re-posting. Please SHARE last Monday’s episode on Twitter and FB (or wherever!) so we can spread Kar Koolness to Kids! Next up… ALASKA!!

ALABAMA SLAMMA Wacky Ride… up close… @alabama #alabama #hotrod


As a rule, I’ll be posting THE FINISHED SKETCH from my new show WACKY RIDES MONDAY in full frame on Tuesday. Make sense? If not… just ignore me and check it out above.

4 Black Bears in an Appalachian Hot Rod powered by Dirt transmogrified to Water! Cool. Imagine what your state will look like!

NEXT UP! … Alaska. Episode premieres Monday!



All new show begins today and airs every Monday until either my hand falls off or I draw straight through my table.

So many things have happened since the BIG BOOK was released in January that I felt it was time to start creating cool stuff that I could share with you guys. (If you’ve purchased a book, PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on Amazon!) My hope is that you’ll do the same by sharing these episodes with your friends and family through your networks. Kids love to draw and when I get to do School Seminars or shows like the upcoming RCX, drawing cool cars gets the kids excited and we have a blast.

Today’s EPISODE 1… The State of Alabama. As a car. (Plus a little Wood Doodling…)

Here’s the DIRECT LINK also…