Today’s WACKY STATE!! #ALASKA @AlaskaAir @adndotcom #Moose #Salmon #Freezing @NWSAlaska


Cool things to know about ALASKA if you’re heading that way! It’s cold,… and beware of the Snow-Blowing ROCKET MOOSE!

Wacky Rides Monday ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE… Up close!


Here’s the final sketch for EPISODE 2. If you haven’t watched it yet, then check it out HERE on YouTube. It blows snow, blades streets and guides Penguins. Cool. SHARE IT WITH YER FRIENDS!

Wacky Rides Monday Episode 2! ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE! @alaska #jetpack


SHARE this week’s episode with anyone with kids out there!! Why?

Because EVERY kids wants to see how the might Moose of Alaska get around up in the snowy state… and keep the streets clean.

It’s powerful. It’s comfortable. It’s THE ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE! Plus, a wee bit of Bug & Sammy’s Surfboard… now in color. WATCH!!

New WACKY RIDES Episode tomorrow…


Tomorrow (Memorial Day) premieres Episode 2 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY and since I’m doin’ all the states, ALASKA is next!

Watch Episode 1 below or Click the Link HERE. Then, grab some joe and enjoy your Sunday!