ALBA THE BRAVE is kicking Luekemia’s butt… and WINNING

This is Alba and she’s in South Africa. We heard about her on IG from her Mom Ester (@shark_buff) who is pretty much the best Mum ever.

The thing is…  Alba is battling Leukemia and has been for a while. But thanks to her love of the Ocean along with her Mom #AlbaTheBrave is snatching each day as a victory and slowly moving towards perfect health. Can you SEE it?

We here at Fireball Publishing want to celebrate her courage and make you guys aware of what her Mom is up to, so head to Facebook and do what you can to help make Alba’s life a little easier. Send her a LIKE, a SMILE, a THUMBS UP. Every bit counts when it comes to a little girl’s life. It took over 4 months to get Alba our Mermaids Coloring Book and we worried every step of the way. But now we’ll be sending her more.

As founder of @FinHugger, Esther is committed to making Alba’s life a series of joyful moments… one moment at a time. Her smile says it all. So help us help her… even if she does look cute with that little bald head. 😉