Ride of the Week is BUZ ALEXANDER and his ITALIAN TWINS

Ride of the Week is BUZ ALEXANDER and his ITALIAN TWINS

One of the best things about doing this Ride of the Week column is where I actually get to go in this wee town. 

Tiny corners of car heaven tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Paradise. Case and point: an undisclosed, phenomenal beach where the two Alfa Romeo Spyders of Buz Alexander live.

Shhh! You didn’t hear it from me!

Being a filmmaker dablbing in real estate, Buz Alexander’s life bounces from surf to land deals to Vampire Zombies. And in between all that, he loves to drive his 1974 and 1986 Alfa Spyders: the Veloce and Graduate. 

The ‘74 has a 1750 cc twin cam matched to a five-speed manual, and the ‘86 is a 2000 cc twin. Mostly stock Italians, but even so, they’re fun to drive – as all Alfas are.

Buz has had the ‘74 for 20 years. He snagged it from a university friend near USC, and the ‘86 came from a South African yachtsman here in the ‘Bu.

“Alfa Romeo has such a great racing history and tradition,” Buz said. “And beautiful Italian design by Pininfarina.” 

The best part of the car?

“The high-compression twin cam aluminum engine and racing gearbox,” Buz said. “The canvas convertible top is very nice, too.” 

And although he only uses these cars for pleasure driving here in Malibu, they’re functional surf cars and used to take his 14-year old daughter to Malibu Middle School.

The Alfas have a special place in his heart as he actually brought her home as a newborn from the hospital filled with “It’s a Girl” balloons. That officially puts that car in a “I’ll never get rid of it” category. 

I always say that if you really want to keep a car, take your kids for rides and the smiles that come will lock that puppy into place.

And what is there to love about driving in Malibu according to Mr. Alexander? 

“Everything,” he said. “Seeing the ocean on one side and trees on the other. Putting the Alfa through its paces on winding canyon roads.” 

Can it get better than that? Not even.

Veloce means “Fast” in Italian. But, that can mean fast in the canyons, fast to school and fast just standing still. Nothing like an open air cockpit to absorb all the beauty that we have here to offer. 

If you haven’t driven in a convertible in a while, I suggest that this summer you either rent one, steal one or get Buz to give you a spin. But be sure to brush the bugs out of your hair afterwards.

Oh, and by the way, check out Buz’s latest film on Amazon, “Nocturna.”

I wasn’t kidding about the vampires and zombies part – they’re real!

Ride of the Week is Malibu’s John Sibert and his 1988 ALFA SPIDER

Meet John Sibert and his Alfa Spyder. Chances are you’ve seen him before – many times before. That’s because John sits on our City Council, and has been mayor of our cool town twice. 

But, did you know that this distinguishing looking car dude is just that? A major car dude? Well, I’m Fireball and since cars are my thing, let’s get into Mr. Sibert’s world.

Full Name? “John Sibert will do,” he wrote me. “You don’t need the middle name and ‘III.’” That just made me laugh, because when I drove up to meet Sibert and see his cool ride, I asked for his full name and he laid it out. 

Meeting up with John was a hoot because he really loves his car, a 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce. Now, you’d expect former mayors like John to be tooling around in executive-type vehicles, but not this guy. You’d expect him to be humorless and serious all the way, right? Oh no, not professor John Sibert. We spoke for half an hour, and talked about amazing cars and his equally amazing background.

A retired university chemistry professor and administrator at Yale, Caltech and the CSU system, John also started and ran the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation and was manager of the Arco Corporate Research Laboratory. 

He also works on stealthy stuff with JPL but if I told you what it was, I’d have to send flogging agents to your house. 

“My daughter once asked if I had decided what I wanted to be when I grew up,” John said.  

The answer was “not yet,” but he still serves on a couple of boards of directors and consults for NASA. Yeah, he’s one of those smart dudes who everyone wants a piece of. Including me – only regarding cool cars, though.

 So, his Alfa is a Bosh Fuel-Injected 2.0 L DOC 4 cylinder. All original and no mods. Bummer, ‘cause I could see droppin’ a Hellcat in that lil’ puppy and heading to the track. Maybe not, but John bought this car in 1998 from the first owner. 

“It’s red,” he said. “A two-seater, a convertible and it’s a Pininfarina design.” 

I’d say that’s a triple threat, but he mentioned four things. Only a chemistry professor could do that.

 But the best part of the car for Mr. Sibert?  

“The sheer joy of driving it along the coast and on winding roads with the top down.” 

Yeah, that’s the life here in the Bu. We’d do that even if it was raining.

John uses it for regular transportation when the weather is amenable to driving with the top down. 

“My best story was taking my niece – who writes a Car Column for Rolling Stone Mexico – for a spin along Mulholland with the Beach Boys loud on the stereo,” he said.

From our short time talking about cars, one thing was clear: John loves Malibu in a way that only a longtime local could. Thoughts of beauty, sound, wind, sun, friends and family were clear cues to living the dream. I, for one, am on the Sibert Train. 

Not much beats cruising the canyons of Malibu in a classic red Italian convertible sports car. Nothing, except taking me with you next time, JS. 

Watch me visit John on my show on Youtube. See the car up close and hear some extra cool stories.

If you want to be featured as my next Ride of the Week, shoot me an email at askfireball@fireballtim.com

Alfa, Mercedes & Kia Cool – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 228

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This episode… Fireball shoots stunning Actress TANNA FREDERICK and her ’83 Alfa for The Malibu Surfside. Then… it’s beach time.

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Fireball’s Cool Concepts of the Day…

It’s a plethora of cool concepts that keep pokin’ out of the Auto Industry. Designs that make us think that the future may be pretty dang awesome. As long… as they build them. What you see here is our future… From Cadillac, Hennessey, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Kawasaki and more.

Be one with the coolness…


Fireball Tim’s Cool Designs for the Holidays!

It’s the Holidays, and coolness abounds. Snappy designs and ideas from the best, and not so best, around. So, as I down my peppermint chocolate cookies and slurp my apple cream cider, I pose this contemplative effort. (Like, I have no idea what I just said…) Whatever…

Adios 2009! Welcome 2010! We don’t have flying cars. We don’t teleport our asses around the globe. And we don’t eat square Star Trek food. BUT, we do have G3 phones. We DO have bluetooth contraptions hangin’ on our noggens and WE DO…

…have bitchin’ rides. Bring it, Fireball.


Just frikkin’ cool. I mean, yea, the reindeer will be really pissed, but so what. Take the year off boys. Ima deliverin’ on my own. And I’m gonna buzz the pyramids at MACH 3. …Ho., yo.

…Funny. “Land Rover.” And… it’s a sleigh. That flies. I’m just sayin.’


No, not designed by James Cameron. Although, he coulda had it in the movie. Audi is poised to create future car badness with this and the ETRON. Although, I think they’re going to too many movies. Their next car is their wind-powered SUV called the RAMBLOW.


Certainly my choice in hybrid rides. Part BUG, part CRUSTACEAN. Butter powered and some serious pedestrian killers. Lemon slice anyone?


Want it. Gonna have it. Gonna use it. “You’re the disease, and I’m the cure.” “I am da LAW.” “Feelin’ lucky, punk?” All good lines, but this cars says… “Take your best shot and see what happens.”


This ride belongs to my buddy, Tony Michalski. He wanted to convey why cars are like women. Specifically, Italian women. And this dynamo is all Italian. So, I pose the question to ya’ll. “How are cars like women?” Ok, I’ll start….

On second thought, …my wife’s gonna read this. Peace out.


What the heck? If someone can design this… then I should be driving it. Or… flying it. Maybe it’s a sub? No, wait. I KNOW! It’s an MRI Machine! …With wheels, duh.


MINI. Only bigger than a MINI. And no doors. Well, there IS doors, but they come off. And you can store them in your other MINI. Oh, and there’s 9 billion options for this ride. Including Snow Boards that replace the tires. And it has 16 cup holders for slushies. Only,… 4 seats. But you can store the extra cup holders in your Clubman… which will go in the other MINI. Wait… now I’m lost.


John Sahs designed the CUBE. And he’s my buddy in Tokyo. So, that’s cool. And this MB is cool. And it’s his. So, that makes John my new best friend. HEY JOHN! DESIGN ME AN OCTAGONAL MERCEDES! Or maybe a HEX HONDA. Or would you believe a TRIANGULAR TESLA. NO WAIT! A SQUARE SAAB!

Ok, I’ll handle that one…


GM is buggin’ out and dropping SAAB. You don’t do that to Swedish Babes. (Guess the Chinese doods didn’t want that along with getting a Hummer?) Anyway, references aside,  slam a Saab and cruise it accordingly and what do you get? Big pimpin.’


Options. Cocoa holders. Park, Reverse and Lick. Exhaust serves marshmallows.

Merry Christmas, people. LOVE TO THE WORLD!

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Cool cars on RODEO…


What a ridiculously cool day! All days should be like this, not just Father’s Day. The main highlight was the 2009 Rodeo Drive Concours d’ Elegance. Seriously expensive machines… in the sun.

My son Sean, Kathie and I strolled among multi-millions of dollars worth of machines including Delahaye, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Packard, an Electric Cobra, Smarts, Green Vehicles,  Tesal and even a Bentley Chopper. Yea, all cheapies, of course. Let me just take them all, thank you. Even Sean sat in the Lincoln from the TV show “Entourage.”

But on Rodeo, it’s no holds barred. The streets were packed with onlookers… even in the trees. The major highlight of the show was this DDR (Dumb Diamond Ring) on display. At the sheer cheap stupid price of $744,000.00 I mean, come on… Let’s get real. Put something in the window that’s REALLY expensive you bunch a’ lame o’ cheap basterds.What moron got cold feet and stuck the small stone in the window??? Sheesh!

Imagine. Strolling down Rodeo and you “pop” into a wee lil’ store to pick up something for your honey squeeze. A tiny lil’ rock for just under a mil. I’m sorry, but that’s just plain stupid in a really stupid sort of way. What could YOU do with $744,300.00??? Let us begin with making a list of 744,000 things, yo!

But the cars were smokin’ hot.  SO, here we go folks….

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