ALIEN Ripley Art reminds us that women are badass… #aliens #art #design

Not sure who the artist is here, so if you know… let me know. But it’s way cool and just goes to show that no aliens are a match for our Earthbabes. Trust me, we’re safe.

alien copy alien-3 alien-resurrection  aliens

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Go Fast, Insane Posters, Inferno & Electro


Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow’s next project is GO FAST. Fast & Furious with Boats. So basically, hi-speed, girls, fights and probably The Rock. Done.


• Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are doing Dan Brown’s INFERNO. They’re at it again, folks. And that’s a good thing.

• Here’s Jamie Foxx as ELECTRO in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2Watch.

Dave-Rapoza-Green-Ranger_Fireball-Tim Ash-Thorpe-Predator_Fireball-Tim Anthony-Petrie-Sharknado_Fireball-TimKen-Taylor-Aliens_Fireball-Tim

Everybody wants PEACE…

Get Peace_FireballTim

When you go to the movies, you see a lot of action, destruction, evil-doers, attacks, more destruction and violence. Seems a strange thing to say that everybody wants peace.

But movies are about the RESOLVE. All of them. They are ALL making their way to one place, and that place is Peace. Peace of Mind… in that the bad guys are gone. Now, you may say that a bad guy doesn’t want peace, he just wants your money. Or maybe power. That’s true. But, if you aren’t in search of Peace, or spend your days trying to cultivate it, then you are in disarray and you’ll be destroyed… just like the bad guy. Sure, we like the bad guys ’cause they’re cool looking and have bald heads (sometimes), but they ALWAYS eventually go down, in EVERY movie.

Peace is the only answer. How you get there is unimportant. All that matters is that you look for where your life is peaceful NOW. That brings more. So, for Monday, be like these guys… play a game of chess (life) and be peaceful. It’s doesn’t mean you have to hug your enemies… but you do have the power to let go in your mind. So, let it go.

Have an awesome day!


Bar far the best one that’s shown up so far, this POWERLOADER is sure to wow the neigb…

Movie Car of the Day: The ALIENS APC TANK

Ok, yes. A badass vehicle if there ever was one. This APC started out as an Airplane Trailer. Or Airplane Puller. Or whatever those things are that drag planes around the tarmac.

Then… designers Syd Mead and Ron Cobb got a hold of it and transformed it into this APC. Several models were made, full size and several to BLOW UP. I like those because I like anything that goes up in flames. (I’m just that way…)

So, feast on this coolness. Oh, and here’s the original TRAILER.