Watch! ALIVE & KICKING Episode 10 & 11!



EPISODE 11… The Series Finale!



An emotional filled episode as Fireball Pop becomes Fireball Grand-Pop, Episode 6 covers the birth of a new generation. Alexa Simone Lawrence.

WATCH! Alive & Kicking EPISODE 5 A Lesson on Being Older…


Episode 5 explores Pop and Larry’s challenges of getting older and still being creative. The body may have a few issues, but the mind never grows old. Watch!

WATCH! Alive & Kicking Episode 4…


Hey, I’m in this one… 😉

The boys get closer to an actual play. And it’s awesome.

ALIVE & KICKING Episode 3…


Pop and Larry see their music come to life, one tiny step at a time.

ALIVE & KICKING Episode 2…


ALIVE & KICKING Episode 1…


ALIVE & KICKING is the new documentary by director Marie Tang about my Dad, Fireball Pop. It’s an 11-Part Series you’ll see right here over the next few weeks. Enjoy, and post your comments in the show notes so these guys can hear it!

“What happens when a prolific TV writer and a successful music arranger, manager and agent both from Hollywood’s Golden Age, find themselves as neighbors in a retirement community? They write a musical of course!

“ALIVE and KICKING” is a must-see documentary web series following the lives of MPTF residents Tony Lawrence, and Larry Kelem, whose journey of artistic collaboration proves that creativity is ageless…”

WATCH! Awesome Trailer for “ALIVE & KICKING” WebSeries features Fireball Pop!


So proud to finally see this finished and premiering next Wednesday

This is an 11-part WebSeries about my Dad, Tony Lawrence (also known as Fireball Pop to some of you!) and his overwhelming achievements in the Hollywood community. Now, 85, he’s like a freight train of creativity and this incredible documentary by Director Marie Tang explores Dad’s rise, challenges and successes.

Be sure to watch because it’s a heart-warming, funny and enlightening story with a very simple message. Ideas and creative flow is Timeless.