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Artificial Intelligence has always been Sci-Fi… until today. Behold, ANKI DRIVE. Check it out.

Creativity has no end…

Although the world has lost a creative powerhouse, Mr. Job’s vision must continue. And for that, I am grateful.

This man has changed all of us. Brought into the world the idea of bringing everyone together. And he succeeded in a way that I’m sure even surprised him. But being as “in tune” as he was to the source of all things creative, it’s now our job to do our best with what he’s given us. And I’m not talking about computers. I’m talking about Inspiration…

Give the gift of inspiration today… In memory of Steve. And then, do the same thing tomorrow…. and the next, and the next. And then watch what happens.

Thanks, Steve. Your gift was well received and the world is a better place because you had lived.