HUGE Stuff happening @ THE FIREBALL PAD this week…


Wow, this week is gonna be crazy…

FIRST, Sir Richard Branson is coming over for lunch today to discuss his new Space Plane that I’ll actually be piloting. It’s a moon project, so the plan is to create a way to stop over, have lunch on the moon, then head back. Plus, I’ll have to make lunch, of course.

TUESDAY… I’ll be starting a new line of Fireball Wunders with Dwayne Johnson. Yes, BIG MAN Wonderwearâ„¢ with pockets, so you can hide your wallet better. They’ll be made out of a new fabric called PeanutBetter. Extracted from the oil of peanuts mixed with cotton and rhubarb. Cool. Dwayne’s excited as all hell.

WEDNESDAY… I’m having myself digitized by ILM so that I can check out Facebook from the inside. It’s a Tron thing called TronBookFacetimeTweet ‘r. Be doing that all day and should be back by dinner. Hopefully.

THURSDAY… No plans other than to drive every Ferrari built since 1971 with Kathie. Pretty much a waste of the day and I’ll be fully rested for Friday.

FRIDAY… I’ve started a Coffee-Hybrid Plantation in Orlando Florida with some friends from the government. Secret friends. Very secret friends. I can’t say what the hybrid bean is, but since Disney bought Star Wars, it’ll be twice the size of normal beans, sold to unsuspecting Orlando Theme Parkers to see how they react in the new Star Wars Park section specifically. Ok, wait… I think I’ve revealed too much. Forget all that and just remember the coffee part. And the Star Wars part, too. Wait… what was that “click” sound?

SATURDAY… Meeting up with the Obamas to discuss Root Beer and Chocolate becoming a free to all. It was Michele’s idea, and I’m against it. Wait… I’m,… I’m not against that, am I? How could I be? I mean, that’s freakin’ AWESOME, RIGHT???!!! THAT WOULD CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!! HOLY CRAP…. I’M A GENIUS!!!

SUNDAY… R&R. Taking my Lear Jet to Zermatt with Kathie, Fireball Pop, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis and another bald guy named Hans for an ice cold latte at the foot of the Matterhorn and I’m taking ALL OF YOU WITH ME, TOO! (My people will be calling your people… as soon as I get some people, duh. Just put that on my check list.)

That’s all. Happy April 1st. Time for coffee…