Today’s AGENDA… filled with coolness


Lots going on today, after I head to the gym to get a little closer to looking like Dwayne Johnson. Or, at least as big as his right arm. Pretty sure we weigh about the same, the arm and I. But… IF I don’t use up all my energy, I’m headin’ to my Publisher to discuss BOOK 2 and this weekend’s event and then start drawing this afternoon. But not for the next book…

Looks like Kathie has the new contract for the 2014 ARIZONA SUPERBOWL Mascot. A re-design of Spike. You remember Spike? He tromped around the Superbowl a few years ago, lookin’ all that. Well, now he’s going to be re-vamped, re-launched and re-combobyoolated. (Pretty sure that’s an Albanian word.)

Plus, I’ll be finishing a very cool project today that will be revealed at the signing on Sunday. Something for kids.