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Today’s WACKY STATE is one of my favorites as there’s so much to see. It also has one of our clients (THE SUPER BOWL) along with visually stunning vistas. These RingTails are enjoying all that for sure while riding the ultimate CACTUS TRIKE!! Be sure to come back each day as I reveal A NEW WACKY STATE!


Wacky Rides Monday ARIZONA FINAL SKETCH… Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


As it’s Tuesday, here’s the final sketch for yesterday’s episode in all its Arizonian glory. Ringtails on a Cactus Hot Rod carving by the Grand Canyon.

If you haven’t seen EPISODE 3 yet, check it out here on my YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you can see the episodes every Monday!

New Episode of WACKY RIDES MONDAY! Ep3 “The Arizona Cactus Cool…” @arizona #arizona


Here it is! Grab your kid or pull out the kid in you for Episode 3 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY!

Today features not only THE ARIZONA CACTUS COOL HOT ROD driven by Ringtails around the Grand Canyon, but a special guest doing something else cool. Click HERE to watch!