Cameron brings back Schwarzenegger and Hamilton for NEW TERMINATOR….

No, that’s not a typo…

Director James Cameron has grabbed old pals Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger for an all-new TERMINATOR. This one, ignoring all other story lines after Jim’s TERMINATOR 2 sequel. So TERM3 and SALVATION basically never happened.

Wait, was there a TERM4 also? Ah yes, GENISYS.

Anywho, since I’m a big fan of roboto destruction, and I know YOU are… then let’s have coffee and discuss this. Leave a comment below and tell me what you think should happen in this sequel… and what car Arnie needs to make his point.


Today’s Action Vids… SABOTAGE Trailer, Nintendo’s KIRBY (Behind the Scenes), SANTA GORILLA SPFX #arnold #gorilla #nintendo


Some pre-Christmas Action today with Arnold in SABOTAGE (From the Director of Training Day, ouch), a Behind the Scenes look for Nintendo’s KIRBY Commercial with KCL and Amalgamated Dynamic’s Robotic Santa Gorilla. Awesome.


SABOTAGE Trailer with Arnold Schwarzenegger… @sabotage #arnoldschwarzenegger


Arnold is back… again, in TEN

Not only does Arnie have THE TOMB with Sly and THE LAST STAND, he’s got THE LEGEND OF CONAN he’s just signed to and TEN from the makers of END OF WATCH! Did ya get all those titles? Guy’s gotta stay busy or he’ll get in trouble again… 😉

First image from TEN reveals a very hardcore Arnie as a DEA dood that breaks up some internal DEA badness. And that’s bad for Arnie… so… out with the big guns and the big muscles. Ok, I’m in…

Watch! THE LAST STAND New Trailer…

Arnold’s back and he’s kickin’ ass… again. And this will be followed ups with EXPENDABLES 2, THE TOMB and about 300 other action movies. Old, my ass…

Arnold’s back in THE LAST STAND! Photos from the set…

According to IMDB, Arnold is back. But according to these shots from the set, he’s been back and filming. And according to the January 18th Premiere, he’s been sneaking around filming like a crazy man. Way to go, big guy. Subscribe to my blog for more updates! Cooooool…..

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