ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC is tomorrow Sunday!

This Sunday, it’s the 2017 ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC! Join Fireball and a bunch of celebs as they judge some of the most amazing international cars ever created. On hand will be JAY LENO, Car Designers HENRIK FISKER, DAVE MAREK and JOHN SAHS! 

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BIG THANKS to Wes at The Daily Driver Project for these…

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Concept Cars & a Meatball – FMV236

Fireball heads to Art Center College of Design in the Chrysler 300, then gets back to Malibu to see Kathie working on a Mean Muffin and Meatball. Plus, Car Designs of the Day! SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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Fireball hits the 2015 ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC – FMV162

Fireball Malibu Vlog 162 heads to Art Center College of Design for the Car Classic! Fireball meets up with Syd Mead, Larry Crain and old friends along with amazing cars. SHARE TODAY’S VLOG!


ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC features cool cars in film… (65 Shots) @artcenteredu #CarDesign #CarDesigner #MovieCars #Batmobile #JayLeno @Kia


Yesterday, I headed out to Pasadena and my old alma mater Art Center to see the 2014 Car Classic. I’ve hit this show every year since it began and it keeps getting better. Since I graduated in the late 80’s, cars have come a long way, but the classics here are timeless.

Many of the shows have been awesome, but it’s great when Hollywood is featured with some of the cars we’ve done. Although my Batmobile wasn’t there, the three versions from George Barris, Harald Belker and Tim Flattery’s were. Great designs. But this year, they were also joined by another DC Comic Batmobile from 1963. I’ll post on that later, but check out some of the photos below.

Along with hanging out with some of Hollywood’s greatest car enthusiasts, the vibe was cool. On hand were King Barris, Jay Leno, Chip Foose, MC Dave Kunz and many others to enjoy the history of cars in film. Below you’ll see cars from XXX, James Bond, Herbie, Scooby Doo, Transformers, Hot Wheels and some great concepts that the students are working on. (KIA, take notice. There’s a girl designer in the Trans Room that you may want to grab!)

There’s no end in sight for cars in film, what with Fast & Furious 7, The Transporter Legacy, Avengers, Age of Ultron and Mad Max Fury Road coming. As always, hit up the blog here to get the skinny as we’ll be featuring new guests on my show. Might even be fun to have the Art Center Chairman?

If you haven’t seen the latest episode with George Barris, check it out here.

BIG THANK YOU to the people of ACCD for having me as I’m constantly on the move in search of cool cars for you guys. And don’t forget to join me on PINTEREST!

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LA Auto Show “CONCEPT WEEK” begins with Fisker, Mercedes & Jag

What an awesome day today. Hung out with buddy Matt Farah from The Car Show and Fisker CEO, Henrik Fisker (above). Now his car (The Karma) is changing everything (I’ll get into that later.) But we went to school together and so I thought it appropriate to start with some cool Art Center Clay Concepts below. It’s “Concept Week” here with the Fireball, so let’s take a look at what’s cool. (Although, every day is gonna be cool, right? 😉

From Mercedes and Monster to Jag and an Electric Bike Concept, cool ideas are abundant. Each day I’ll bring you another LAAS Concept in detail. Tomorrow? The Acura NSX…


Art Center College Car Show…

Despite the drizzlin’ rain, this show at ACCD turned out pretty good. Lots of great rides from serious collectors. Buddies like Dave Kunz and Frank Stephenson of McLaren were on hand to promote Frank’s slick new ride, the MP4-12C. (You know Frank, right? He designed the MINI.) I think that stands for McLaren Power 4 Twelve Cars? Like, you have to take twelve cars, put ’em together and they equal one FrankMobile? Yea, it’s fast.

Pretty sure that’s it…

Anyway, check out the other rides and the other faces.

Photos: John Faulkner

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Filming tomorrow…

Fog. What’s the deal? It’s October and it’s foggy out. WHAT’S THE DEAL?

I have to shoot outside tomorrow and it’s cold and foggy. Okay, everyone put your hands together and repeat after me… “No fog ….Aum.” Ok! That’s it, …thank you very much. Then Sunday… it’s off to…

The Art Center Car Classic. While I’m gandering around cars, Kathie is prepping a commercial. She’s got to build some fake plaster bandaged people for Nintendo. Even a bandaged doggie. Now that’s funny.