WATCH! James Bond’s SKYFALL features the Aston DB5! Gimmee that car, yo.

Bwa! What the hell is my car doing on set in the Alps when I just parked it??

So lame. I can NEVER trust my wife with my cars. She ALWAYS takes them somewhere cool, let’s people borrow them or just plain goes drifting at Target. She’s just that way… BUT, I love her.

Watch MY car do some cool stuff in this new VideoBlog. Then go buy yourself some Sees. Outta here…

Jimmy Bond Car sells for $4.61 million clams…

Well, there it is. Now, Jimmy can go retire from the SpyGame, hang out in his own Casino and guzzle vodka martinis… shaken, not stirred.

This 1964 Aston Martin DB5 sold for $4.61 million to an Ohio collector. Pretty sure he’s gonna strip it down, slap a number on it and go racing… I would. But the best part?? Now, my diecast Johnny Lightning version is worth $4.61. SCHWING!