WATCH!! 1968 NSU Ro-80 is one CRAZY GERMAN CAR! – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1008

CORRECTION! We thought this was a FRENCH CAR… but it’s GERMAN! 1968 NSU Ro-80 CRAZY GERMAN CAR!- Fireball Malibu Vlog 1008 – As always, among some automotive coolness, Fireball spots a weird german car… the 1968 NSU Ro-80. Yup. Weird.

If you ever do an AUTOMOTIVE BOOK SIGNING, you’ll definitely want to do this too…

There’s really nothing better than hanging out with your friends, signing fun Coloring Books (at Autobooks) and then getting Ice Cream with TONY DOW.

I’m blessed to have many friends like Geoff Ombao and Valarie Vasquez pictured here, (Also Geoff’s bro Erwin and Tina from Autobooks) and spend my days creating fun Coloring Books, but when Leave it to Beaver TONY DOW says he wants to go for Ice Cream… well, that takes the cake. Er… I mean Ice Cream.

Especially since Tony’s millions of fans KNOW that his favorite thing in the whole wide world… is Ice Cream. We had a good time, so I’d recommend that you do the same as soon as possible. The Ice Cream part…

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AUTOBOOKS to sell Tony Dow Coloring Book starting September… SIGNING Also!!

First up! AUTOBOOKS AEROBOOKS in Burbank will be first to sell The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book starting in September, PLUS Tony will be doing a SIGNING!! Date TBD, but this is gonna be a BLAST! Stay tooned…

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Gene Winfield, Jay Leno & a 1911 Packard – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 219

Today’s Vlog! Fireball & Ken head to Autobooks/Aerobooks to meet up with Car Builder Gene Winfield and Jay Leno. Featured is a 1911 Packard. PLEASE SHARE Today’s Episode!


AUTOBOOKS Signing brings in Big Dog Jay…


What a great time yesterday at AUTOBOOKS in Burbank. Met some cool people and even more awesome kids! Plus, met Alyssa Milano who snagged a copy and Big Dog Jay Leno stopped by to grab some mags and check out the book. As you can see, his thumb gets stuck, too. Invited me to do his Book Club, so looking forward to that!

BIG THANKS to Tina and Chuck of Autobooks for having me out, and be sure to stop by whenever you’re in Burbank for some great car stuff!

BIG WACKY Signing next weekend @ AUTOBOOKS!


If you haven’t been to Autobooks/Aerobooks, then you need to come check this place out. It’s one of the best car book stores on the planet, plus toys, books on planes and more. I’ll be there on Saturday, March 30th from about 10am-2pm for this signing, so grab a Wacky Book and head on over!!

Fireball’s BIG BOOK is on sale at World Class Motoring, Diesel and Autobooks…


Wow! This is so awesome…

If you’ve hesitated in getting my first BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides because of the Holiday backlog, then the good news is the DIESEL in Malibu, WORLD CLASS MOTORING in Agoura and AUTOBOOKS•AEROBOOKS in Burbank has them in stock for the last ditch Christmas slam! You may have to duke it out though, ’cause the book is cool.

Diesel also has a great selection on every other kind of read, so be sure to browse for the special someone you… FORGOT TO BUY FOR!! BWA!!!! (And say hi to Cheryl, btw) World Class Motoring is the best in great Automotive Gifts, Books, Movies and Toys PLUS a racing game that will blow your mind. Be sure to grab a coffee from their in-house Cafe, too! That girl makes a mean latte!

Plus, Autobooks is the best all-around Automotive Bookstore in the Valley, but includes books on planes, too! Shwish!!

This Saturday, KABC-TV’s Dave Kunz will be LIVE as he mentions the BIG BOOK on his radio show. It’s 9:00 to 10:00am Saturday and you can stream it at or on 90.7 fm. After the show airs, it’s archived at the same site and then gets sent to iTunes. Shweet!

I’ll be doing signings at these places soon, so I’ll get a chance to hang with you guys and be a dork. Right on.