BANK OF BOOKS Book Signing coming up!


Looking forward to this one as I’m doing it with my wife, Kathie! Launching a bunch of books at BANK of BOOKS in Malibu. Join us!!

Awesome day @bankofbooks reveals the RACER OJ 13! #carrots #art# #drawing #childrensbooks #kids


So, it’s a carrot (The OJ part), and it’s a race car driven by a Worm/Catapillar (Wormapillar). And that’s what happens when you get kids to a book store and feed them chocolate! BIG THANKS to Bank of Books!

BANK OF BOOKS Kid’s Wacky Rides Seminar this weekend!

Looking forward to this one. Gonna be a blast. If you have a squirt anywhere near Malibu, then bring them to BANK OF BOOKS this Saturday for this fun event. Chocolate, toys and MORE!


BANK OF BOOKS Signing brings kids & an Original Wacky Ride!


What a great event yesterday at Bank of Books in Malibu. Had the pleasure to meet some great people and together, we created an Original Wacky Ride from scratch! It was called the “Holey Sweet Cheez Whiz!” A Honey Powered Book driven by a Chimp (with a Tail)… and 8 Wheels. Crazy…

But the family of Mike, Jamie, Matthew, Sarah and BIG Jack was worth every moment. It was Jamie’s birthday and to have her want to spend it listening to me was insane! (She must’ve had too much coffee 😉 BUT, we all had a blast, signed the drawing together and took these great shots. BIG THANKS to Ann and Kim at the store for having me and joining in on the fun. (Photos by Bride of Fireball… thank you very much.)

TOMORROW!!! Heading to Art Center College of Design for a DSP Lecture at 1pm. COOL! If you live in Pasadena, come check it out. Signing in the Student Store right after!

BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim1 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim2 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim3 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim4 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim5 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim6 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim7 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim8 BankOfBooks_Fireball-Tim9

BOOK SIGNING and Interactive day with Kids @ BANK OF BOOKS March 9th!


Looking forward to this one. Gonna be a great event at BANK OF BOOKS in Malibu for this Interactive Day with Kids. I’ll be doin’ some live sketching with their help, plus some fun Wacky Career stuff. Get the stats at the link, but join in on the awesome day!