Fireball Design MONDAY… 1989 BATMOBILE

This was the first Hollywood Car Design I did for the film BATMAN back in the mid-eighties. Currently in the Petersen Museum. Check out the book for more cool Movie Cars.

Insane BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT Game Trailer looks better than the movies… #batman #videogame


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 5.02.42 AM



If this Epic Split doesn’t split your gut, then the Batman vid will.

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Ben Affleck is Batman, Star Wars 7, Pirates 5 & Rambo


• WB has chosen a new Caped Crusader for Zack Snyder’s BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. And that’s Officially Ben Affleck. Why? Well,… ’cause I’m too busy, duh. Releases July 17, 2015.

STAR WARS EPISODE 7 will not be shot digitally, but on real film. Good, that means no Jar Jar Binks. Seriously.

• Pirates 5 is now called PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. So… there won’t be anyone in it, unfortunately.

• Sylvester Stallone is doing RAMBO again. This time for TV. Aren’t his weapons a bit too big for the small screen? Just curious.





My Daily Sketch… THE BATMINI


Tons of MINIS, all in different shapes and sizes. This one… for the Dark Knight.

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Superman/Batman, 24, Avatar 2-4, Thor & Gravity Posters


• Zack Snyder is discussing SUPERMAN/BATMAN with artist Frank Miller. This will make the Dark Night darker and Superman have wunders again.

“24” is coming back and it’s 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY. Kiefer Sutherland & Mary Lynn Rajskub confirmed. That means that Chloe will be an even BIGGER pain in the patootie.

• James Cameron is shooting all 3 AVATARS back to back, the first peeking its Pandorian head in 2016. Geez, it takes forever now for God to make his worlds! (Decembers in 2016, 2017, and 2018)

GRAVITY and THOR THE DARK WORLD Posters. Both… on the Fireball list.

Gravity-Fireball_Tim Thordarkworld-Fireball_Tim



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Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Star Wars 7, Batman/Superman, Avengers 2, X-Men #superman #batman #starwars #avengers


• New BATMAN-SUPERMAN Mashup Movie coming in 2015. Can Superman even fly at night?

• Are Zac Efron and Ryan Gosling in STAR WARS EPISODE 7? Possibly… But you didn’t hear it from me. Unless, they are… to which you can now send me chocolate.

• James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin, The Raven) is rebooting Jean Claude’s BLOODSPORT. Wow, another remake. Think I’ll get in line to not see it.

• Loki will be back in AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON. Why? ‘Cause he’s got a cool British accent and that makes the perfect smart bad guy. Always.

SAVING MR. BANKS Poster is all Mickey. Yes, Tom Hanks returns as another awesome Superhero we love…

X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURES PAST Posters are EXtremely diverse. Not. (After the Jump)


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Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Justice League, Lone Ranger 2 & Posters


Christian Bale WILL NOT be Batman in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. I fact, they haven’t even called him. As Raz Agul says… “IN… justice.”

Armie Hammer is already on board LONE RANGER 2. I think he could use a pup sidekick this time named lassie. Thoughts?

• Will MAN OF STEEL gross $700M? WB thinks so. It better, or I won’t be able to afford that SuperBugatti i just put on layaway. (Oh, don’t freak. It’s not for me, but for my wife to head to the gym in.)

WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie pressing forward. Now, that’s an idea! A Video Game turned into a movie ’cause no one’s done that! So sweet!!!!!



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CONCEPT transports and a bit of BATMAN…

Art by jaime_jones_Fireball-Tim

Great visions by Jaime Jones, Rasmus and an unknown piece of Batman Beyond. This first piece is a bit familiar to an original piece by John Berkey.

Art by rasmus_Fireball-Tim Batman_beyond_by_wyv1_Fireball-Tim

Awesome BATMAN Bronze…

Now THIS is what Batman should look like. You meet this in a back alley, I guarantee you’ll do whatever he says.