Today’s CONCEPT… Ben Affleck’s Chevy Malibu SS Design-Build…

Great project with PICTURE CAR WAREHOUSE, here’s the concept I did for Ben. Although, would have been better with two machine guns popping outta the hood. Just sayin…’

Fireball Design TUESDAY… Ben Affleck’s BENALI

I designed the interior of this Denali (Dubbed the “Benali”) for Picture Car Warehouse and Actor Ben Affleck. Basically, a roving dailies station and driving theater for Ben and his kids while on set. Very cool.


This car was built by Picture Car Warehouse. My initial design was based on conversations with Ben.

Ben Affleck’s Malibu SS – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 78

This episode… Fireball tells a Hollywood Car Story, Kathie builds a Walking Animal and both catch a Gopher. Featured are the 2015 MINI & KIA models.


New Design Project for BEN AFFLECK… #chevymalibu #malibu @chevrolet #musclecar #design #celebrity #benaffleck


Just got word that I’ll be doing a new ride for Actor BEN AFFLECK starting next week. You may remember this MALIBU Beast we did quite some time ago, but now he wants something different. Maybe something with a big BAT logo?

Probably not. But it should be fun.



Today’s FIREBALLER… Ben Affleck’s Classic MALIBU SS

Today, Sunday begins a wee bit of Fireball daily coolness. I’ve done a lot over the last 30 years of design and it’s been a blast. Plus, there’s no end in site in this unlimited universe. So… today’s first Fireballer is a classic Malibu SS design I did a few months ago for actor Ben Affleck.

Picture Car Warehouse is building this one, so you may see Ben poking around Malibu at some point. Be sure to give him the thumbs up…