New Episode of WACKY RIDES MONDAY! Ep3 “The Arizona Cactus Cool…” @arizona #arizona


Here it is! Grab your kid or pull out the kid in you for Episode 3 of WACKY RIDES MONDAY!

Today features not only THE ARIZONA CACTUS COOL HOT ROD driven by Ringtails around the Grand Canyon, but a special guest doing something else cool. Click HERE to watch!

A day at the PUBLISHER…

Yesterday I had to headed to the publisher, Design Studio Press, to work a little on my Kid’s Book coming out soon. Now slated for January. Did an extra sketch… as the sales guys (and girls) wanted something special that they thought the kids would really like. Officially, at least right now, the book is entitled THE BIG BOOK OF WACKY RIDES.

Publisher and good buddy, Scott Robertson and I (along with the Bride of Fireball, Kathie) went over some things and also got to talk a bit with long time friend Neville Page (Check out his cool blog). If you don’t know Neville, he’s a big DESIGN CHEESE like Scott also. Neville recently wrapped PROMETHEUS and STAR TREK 2. He loves creatures and makes ’em cool so you doods and doodettes have a good time in the theater. So, if you like the creatures in PROMETHEUS (Coming out Friday), then you have Neville to thank. And if you don’t like them… Neville will be hiding in the Vons Yogurt Isle at PCH and Sunset.

Working with friends who are passionate is a blessing. Inspired personalities get you going also. Fill your days with good people and good things come, and this book is one of them. The idea of giving kids something fun to read before bed is a dream come true. But doing things like this with you friends is what life is for.

Get out there and celebrate your friends…

BIG BOOK of WACKY RIDES coming Christmas…

It’s official. DESIGN STUDIO PRESS is publishing my new kid’s book for this coming Christmas. It’s going to be a great new series that we’ll do once a year, …unless my hand falls off from all the car coolness. 😉 But this is the first one and it’s going to be awesome.

A new Facebook Page will be launched shortly so that for those that want one when it comes out can get it for the wee tykes. The book should be about 15 bucks or so, but it’ll be chock fulla wacky cars driven by car crazed animals. Sound familiar?

If you grew up in the 60’s and 70’s, then you’ll remember Richard Scarry and his awesome books like BUSY TOWN. This inspired me so much that I knew one day I’d do the same. And the result is what you see in the photo of myself and awesome publisher (and friend) Scott Robertson.

Stay tuned to the blog or facebook for more details and a few sneek peeks coming soon…

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