Fireball’s BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS is the most fun you can have… stuck at home!

Got kids at home? Need something fun to do? Fireball’s got just the thing with THE BIG BOOK OF WACKY THINGS!

A fun and great way to learn about stuff with hysterical illustrations! Hours of fun going through this book of Wacky Stuff! Snag a copy ON AMAZON!

Today’s featured Book… THE BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS!!

Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS is a madcap romp through all kinds of fun stuff for kids. Mice riding Sausages, Hedgehogs driving Solar Cars… and it get crazier. Designed to inspire the IMAGINATION, this wonderful kid’s book will get your child moving into a creative direction. Fun, inventive and Cool.

Amazon: $12.99

New Fireball Learning BIG BOOK! It’s fulla WACKY THINGS!

Fireball’s latest 2 books include his PIRATES COLORING BOOK and this BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS.

What’s the point?

“My books are poised to help my audience give the gift of imagination and learning. Have a child of grandchild in your life somewhere? These books will inspire their imagination and help them become great designers, thinkers and positivists.

There is no better gift than one that puts a smile on a child’s face… and millions are not smiling… yet.”

A portion of all proceeds goes to HOPE FOR PAWS.

Get one on Amazon HERE.


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