BLACK FRIDAY started at 7am…

Man, I thought I was crazy… but my wife Kathie was frantic at 7am, saying we gotta go, Go, GO!!!

And off we went… to about 20 stores like snakes to a World Series. (That doesn’t make much sense, but you get my drift.) The sun was barely up man and even the water was black! ‘Course, I’m always up at 4:30, so it was late for me, but… when my wife gets a bug to do something, look out.

First on the list was gas, then coffee at The Rose, then it was Rat-a-tat-tat-time. She hit stores at Santa Monica’s 3rd Street like a Tommy Gun, but not necessarily buying anything. What the??? That is… until she hit EXPRESS. Then, it was a free-for-all!!! OMG!!!! Can you see it? The hair pulling, elbow jabs, brass knuckles and scrunchie snapping? I barely got outta there with my doodads still attached!

They don’t call it Black Friday for nuthin.’