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It’s that time once again for THE LA AUTO SHOW. Spent yesterday (PRESS DAY 1) checking out the coolness, and like for the last 20 years, I present to you THE LA AUTO SHOW IN COLORS. Today, it’s BLACKS. Some awesome rides in the assemblage of all color. Each day, I’ll be giving you highlights via a new color, so your favorite is coming up!

But if you’re going this weekend, besides all the great cars, you’ll want to check out the WE INSPIRE Booth near the West Hall in the Design Gallery. Tweet to them here. Art Center is on display there also, but We Inspire has an incredible new technology that will blow your mind if you’re a Designer, Ad Agency or Design Firm. You’ll want one of these… and although we didn’t get a picture yesterday, there’s a hidden Batmobile there. 😉 Be the first to ask to see it and you’ll win one of my Children’s Books! WE INSPIRE will need to confirm that you saw it and email me @ DO IT!


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2011 LA Auto Show in… COLORS…

And thus it begins every year at this time. People “converj” on the 2011 LAAS and take pix. But… they kind all blend together after a while. Which is why… I like to have a little fun with the shots. And so… we begin as we always do by revealing the best of LAAS in colors this week. So here’s “THE 2011 LA AUTO SHOW… IN BLACKS.”

Matte Caddys and Chevelles, Convertible Vettes, the gun I did for “The Avengers,” a Mr. Police Man Charger, The Aston Martin Concept Interior, a blinged 70’s Lincoln, SONY’s Hot Rod Playstation, A Carbon Panamera and KIA’s Concept Interior. Black is ALWAYS in… and will always be. Next up? The Blues…