Fireball drives the 2013 BMW X1… to the Backlot


As cars show up at my door, the challenge becomes… “Where do I test these vehicles?” Now, there’s tons of canyons out here in Malibu, tons of cool roads and tons of places to shoot cool shots. But, with this 2013 BMW X1, I had to think different.

It was a Holiday week and everybody and there mother was out doin’ their thing and getting ready for the weekend. So, I had to take this 240hp mid-sized SUV somewhere where there weren’t people. And out of that persistent desire, an idea was born.

What not the Universal Backlot? Empty streets, as long as they aren’t shooting. Quiet. BOOM.


You see, the key to working on any backlot is to appear like you belong. And… not walk around and stare at things for too long. (How I got on the lot is another story) Once I was there with this 34mpg German rock, I slowly and quietly, found some good places for shooting. New York Street was the easiest as the cameras were shooting a little ways off.

At one point, a security guard approached me and I thought, “This is it. I’m busted.” But… he came right up and asked ME, what this was and if he could take a picture of this cool car. Of course, I said “TAKE A HIKE, BUDDY! I’M WORKIN!!” No, not really. I calmly said “Sure, go for it.”

He did, resulting in smiles and conversation all around. Another example of GIVE COOLNESS, GET COOLNESS, IT’S THE LAW. He asked all about the car and I’m pretty sure I made a sale. And at about $30K, this solid diamond is totally affordable. Probably with a payment of about $300 bucks.

This X1 is seriously solid. Not just put together. But BMWs are known for this. They are built with rigidity in mind. Not as in the ride, but as in the quality. They don’t skimp on anything which is why it seems you could take a mallet to anything and it wouldn’t even budge. (I wouldn’t recommend that, as your hand would suffice.)

Now, being on the lot, I didn’t risk bringing my phat SONY equipment and opted for my camera phone. Stealthy and does the job in a pinch without sending you to the Universal Pokie.

But all in all, the 2013 BMX X1 sDrive28i (It’s a mouth full) is a completely reliable friend that has enough pump to beat all LA obstacles, safe like BIG BROTHER status and roomy enough to give your friends a lift and make you proud, unless you fill the car with all your crap. So don’t. Keep it clean and it will give you more than you expect. It will give you JOY. Joy in knowing that this car will last a very long time and run like a thin rhino in a set of Nikes.

BMW-X1_wallpaper_1 BMW-X1_wallpaper_2 BMW-X1_wallpaper_3 BMW-X1_wallpaper_4  Fireball_BMWX1_Review2 Fireball_BMWX1_Review3 Fireball_BMWX1_Review4  Fireball_BMWX1_Review6

BMW on the UNIVERSAL Backlot…


So, this week I’m rockin’ the 2013 BMW X1 small SUV. It’s cool, so I decided yesterday that it would look cooler on the Universal Backlot for a few shots. (Those coming soon…). But since the streets were vacant of filming somewhat, I took the Beemer in and cameraphoned it. Nice…

What’s happening @ The FIREBALL PAD this week…


So funny…

Last night, the cops were called to our next door neighbors. Pepperdine students. And here’s the thing…

One of the girls woke up to see that her front door was open in the middle of the night. BWA! Naturally, she freaked and called the black & whites… from inside her closet… saying that there was someone in the house. The cops arrive, guns drawn along with the copter overhead, although they got confused with the address and came to MY Pad. Naturally, I freaked with guns being out and all, bleary eyed and half in my birthday suit.

I point to the right house, assuming it must be the PepStudents and the coppers whisk themselves over yelling “Come out with yer hands up…” or some bleary jibberish that I remember. Naturally, no one comes out. Why?

Ok, so the girl is still in the closet, cops searching through her place, Kathie and I… standing there with our hair half to one side, cup of water and saying “This is better than CSI…” when, all of a sudden, they bring the girl out… alone.

Ok, you ready for the grand finale?

Turns out the girl came home drunk off her gord and left the door open, only to wake up 3 hours later… assuming the worst and begin the freaking.

Cops came back over to me and said… “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”


CADDY and HONDA go home today… and the 2013 BMW X1 will magically appear at the Pad this afternoon. Plus, pitching a new show tomorrow, editing 5Minute Drive with Master Artist Harold Cleworth, meeting at Universal Studios, Book 2 illustration #42 and seeing OBLIVION Friday. Whew!!

“It just doesn’t get any better than this.”