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Fireball Design WEDNESDAY…

This was a sponsored project for BMW to explore some valance aftermarket options.

DRIVING THE FUTURE is… #PolishSupercar #ZombieKiller #VW #BMW #Gotham


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Today’s DAILY RIDE… The Beemer Screamer #BMW

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Funny Pilot Alberto Diaz on this week’s 5MINUTE DRIVE… #albertodiaz @united #airline #pilot #flying #jet #bmw3series


Have you seen the latest episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE? This week it’s Alberto Diaz, pilot for United Airlines. We get into what it’s like to be a Naval Jest Pilot. Article comes out on Thursday in the Palisadian Post, too!

New 5MINUTE DRIVE features United Airlines Pilot ALBERTO DIAZ! @BMWUSAnews @United #BMW3series #diesel @thebigphotoshow @PalisadianPost


Finally, here’s this week’s new episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE with my awesome guest, United Airlines and Navy Jet Pilot ALBERTO DIAZ! We had a blast shootin’ around Pacific Palisades here in SoCal in the brand new 2014 BMW 3Series-D Sportwagon. A great ride and beautiful styling. BMW has done an awesome job with this one.

The best part about the car? Find out all about it in the upcoming issue of The Palisadian Post newspaper next Thursday. I’ll post it on my blog too for those not in one of the world’s most beautiful towns.

In today’s episode, you’ll get an inside scoop on what it’s like to be a Navy F18 Fighter Pilot and also the beauty and joy of flying the A320 Airbus for United Airlines. A great company making great choices about their pilots. Nicely done! Alberto is an awesome dood and pretty dang hysterical at times. Enjoy… and share this episode with your friends who love flying!

Don’t forget to come see me at the upcoming BIG PHOTO SHOW at the LA Convention Center and also a Book Signing at Curious Cup in Carpinteria on May 2nd.

Watch Ep22 of 5MINUTE DRIVE with Actor RAY ABRUZZO from Sopranos… @rayabruzzo #sopranos #dads #5minutedrive


What an absolute blast, having RAY ABRUZZO on this week’s show, plus the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe. What an awesome ride. We talked all things SOPRANOS, DADS and Horses too. Not necessarily in that order. 😉 Check out Ray on last week’s episode of DADS here and his IMBD, too. He’s been around and tells it like it is, baby. Watch below or hit this link to go straight to my Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to watch the Outtakes!

What’s coming to the Fireball Pad? #KIA OPTIMA HYBRID, #CHRYSLER VARVATOS & #BMW M6 GRAN COUPE


The next few weeks brings some awesome rides to the Fireball Pad. And that can only mean one thing… more 5MINUTE DRIVES! We have some really special guests coming, so make sure you watch out for the upcoming episodes!


NEW EPISODE! 5Minute Drive in a 2014 BMW Z4 Roadster leads to French Burritos… #bmwz4 @BMWUSAnews


Great 5Minute Drive with Kathie in the all new 2014 BMW Z4 Roadster lead to some very strange conversation and ultimately a jaunt to a beach town for French Burritos. Check out the latest episode and be sure to SHARE IT with your friends!

2012 LAAS CONCEPTS – The BMW i3 and i8 Spyder…

BMW is rockin’ and rollin’ with their concept cars. The i8 Spyder (above), off the heels of the i8 Coupe, is really unique. Got a chance to get up close which is why Press Days are so important. We couldn’t sit in these, as BMW isn’t that stupid. I tend to have sharp objects in my back pocket (for stealing cookies and things like that, yo), but the free flowing form on this one was truly inspiring.

The new i3 concept is more of a commuter. I like not knowing that much of the tech details of these cars because it’s really about emotion. How does this car make you feel, I enjoy asking. So…

What do YOU guys think?