Fireball’s MERMAID COLORING BOOK Officially Launches!!

It’s finally out folks! For the little girls in your life, this amazing new book (Illustrated by Fireball and Kathie too!) will send their coloring imagination into the sea!

These are all Kathie’s designs and concepts, finished in black-line by Fireball. 20 beautiful drawing including a crazy-fun MERMAZE!

Snag one on AMAZON Now!

Fireball’s New KID’S COLORING BOOK has Launched!


Straight from the depths of Car Coolness, my new COLORING BOOK has launched just in tome for the Christmas Holidays! Snag one for the kid in your life, but be WARNED… You’ll want to color these YOURSELF! Head to AMAZON!!

Love COOL CARS, MOVIES or both? Grab ma Book…


I’ve been fortunate to have been a designer on many film projects over the years. This book is but a small sample, but fun to look at and share, especially if you’re into car design. Snag one on AMAZON…

GreenHornet MonsterGarage1 SixCities5 SpeedRacer1 SpeedRacer2



Over 65 Pages of Wild Concept Car Art including designs for CHEVROLET, AMC, BMW and never before seen work covering the last 25 years.



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SMOKEY AND BANDIT Find a Home… The Details


SMOKEY & BANDIT Find a Home is the 1st book in the Series by Kathie Lawrence and Fireball following two long lost Cockerpoos who take out on an adventure to find a home… and end up finding each other. A great story for bedtime with your kids. **Portions of the proceeds go to The National Mill Dog Rescue.

$14.99 on AMAZON. BUY NOW!

2-Smokey:Store20-Smokey on Counter

NEW BOOK! “MAD MOVIE CARS” is 92 Pages of Car Coolness!


To celebrate the New Year, we’ve launched my next Movie Design Series Book (Volume 2) as MAD MOVIE CARS. Fun designs and illustrations for a bunch of movies I’ve done over the years like BATMAN, GONE IN 60 SECONDS, SON OF THE MASK, THOR and more. We’re startin’ out with a bang and there’ll be 1 book a month coming!

I hope you guys enjoy this, as this is the one you’ve been asking for. CLICK HERE to head to Amazon and know that 20% will go to The National Mill Dog Rescue!!

NEW BOOK! January 1st launches Fireball’s MAD MOVIE CARS…


Super excited for this VOLUME 2 in my design series. MAD MOVIE CARS will be over 90 pages of concept designs from movies like BATMAN, THOR, SON OF THE MASK and TV Shows like KNIGHT RIDER & MONSTER GARAGE. Plus a few surprises of images NEVER published!

Again, available January 1st on AMAZON, but also in the Fireball Bookstore. Subscribe here at the Blog for updates, or friend me up on Twitter or FB!

All New MEGA-MINIS Book IS HERE for Christmas!!!!


So excited that this book is finally here! MEGA-MINIS starts a series of volumes on design for film, TV and personal projects that have ranged since the 80’s. (Visit my Bookstore or it’s Available now HERE and available on Amazon this week!)

This book covers MINI COOPER CONCEPTS beginning in ’02 when I bought a Cooper S and it became the Mach 3. Over the next 7 years, I designed over 100 cars for Speed Channel’s STREET TUNER CHALLENGE, Toys, films and personal MINIS through the Fireballed Company including the World’s Fastest Drag Car, the M600 for MINIUSA. Lots of fun and over 50 pages of cool art.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoy this for the holidays. I put my heart into these designs and I hope to inspire those that love this little car with a creative power to make their own MINI outrageous. It’s a great gift for anyone into Minis.

BIG Thanks to everyone! 2015 will be filled with more.

F1 Front FUZZPoster GRX

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Today’s WACKY STATE!! It’s #ILLINOIS @enjoyillinois @foxillinois @Chicagoist #Chicago @TimeOutChicago #art @quirkbooks @nosycrow


ILLINOIS has one of my favorite cities, being CHICAGO. And that’s… where the first Aquarium was built!! See more STATES!!


Today’s WACKY STATE!! #ALASKA @AlaskaAir @adndotcom #Moose #Salmon #Freezing @NWSAlaska


Cool things to know about ALASKA if you’re heading that way! It’s cold,… and beware of the Snow-Blowing ROCKET MOOSE!