My nephew ERIK hits a milestone… #breckenridge


This is my nephew ERIK. He’s on a quest to hit some of the best ski slopes in the nation… and world. Just got this photo from his Mom and it’s really awesome. Not only is that smile worth a thousand words, it’s great to see someone this age putting forth what they love so much. And this kid LOVES to ski.

When you do what you love, it isn’t work. Oh, it may be hard.. but always worth it. Join me in the CONGRATS to Erik for challenging himself across the country at the world’s best. And I’m diggin’ that orange scarf, baby… BOOYAH!!!

BRECKENRIDGE Day 3… Snowboarding Peak 9 and not crashing @ChristySports

DSC00493 copy

The good news is that we took on Peak 9 @ Breckenridge, plus some black diamond Peak 8 and didn’t crash. A first. The bad news is that my body feels like a meat sack of soar goo. (Pretty good visual, eh?) But, it was awesome.

Had a great lunch at the top of the mountain (@12,500ft with a grip of peeps from everywhere!) And then hit the slopes over and over. Wasted…

If you ever land in Breck, you have to hook up with Kyle @ Christy Sports Rentals. Great group of people and will get you whatever you need.

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BRECKENRIDGE Day 2… Gettin’ our white on #colorado #snowboard #snow

DSC00459 copy

Pretty sure we walked about 5 miles yesterday on a street that’s only 1 mile long. But because of all the snow, tiny snow pathways and icicles everywhere, you couldn’t help but marvel at it all. Such tremendous beauty everywhere.

The stores were quaint, great food and smiling people mad for an awesome day. Today (Saturday), we’re heading to Peak 9 for a day of Snowboarding. Gonna be sick as we got about 6 inches of snow last night.

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BRECKENRIDGE Day 1… @milldogrescue #breckenridge #travel #colorado


So, Day 1 started out at 3:30am with a drive in King Tahoe to the airport. We got in on time via Vegas and them Denver. Weather was a chilly 25 degrees or so, but not like what we found once we hit Breck. That was 9.

Settled into the MAIN STREET STATION Hotel and then took a walk. At 9300 feet, you could feel the thin air and huffing it on a walk was expected, too. We cruised some shops and then met up with our friends, Theresa and Michelle from The National Mill Dog Rescue. Awesome Pizza at ERIC’S.

Super light snow fell as we walked the 10 minute jaunt back to our hotel. It was magical. More photos today or what Breck looks like, but it’s a pretty awesome place.

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Gonna be LIVE from BRECKENRIDGE, CO… @breckenridge @colorado #snowboarding #snowmobile

This Thursday I leave for Breckenridge, Colorado for some serious Snowboard and Snowmobile action. But the really cool thing is, at a particular time on the trip, I’ll be hanging right in front of CLINT’S on Main Street just under the BRECK LIVE CAM here. Look for me in my Red Obermeyer Hat and wave. I’ll be waving back! Although it refreshes every 10 seconds, just pretend I’m actually moving and it will be just the same. Time TBD, so stay tooned to the Blog here…