Downtown LA BREWERY ART WALK results in abandoned Cool Classics… @BreweryArtLA #art #artist #downtownla #losangeles


Yesterday, the Bride and I headed into Downtowm LA for THE BREWERY ART WALK. We just found out about this event due to the fact that Kathie had been working downtown, sculpting for the show SLEEPY HOLLOW. She found this area by chance and discovered that the Art Walk was coming up. So… we jumped.

Not only some amazing artists, the loft spaces were incredible too. Originally built in 1894, the main building now houses THE STRONGHOLD, a climbing gym. Whodathunk? Check out the shots. But the best part were the classic cars just hangin’ around, mostly abandoned. Seriously. These puppies have been sitting there a long time.

But the overall district is littered with catacomb studios and artisans doin’ their thang. An amazing journey that takes a day and the surrounding food spaces are awesome. We had lunch at the famous SAN ANTONIO WINERY. Big recommendation for that one.

Today… off to the ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC.


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