NEWSFLASH! Bride of Frankenstein steals husband’s BENTLEY!!

THIS JUST IN! REAL NEWS!! The Bride of Frankenstein escaped her Transylvannia Castle this morning after her flat-domed husband launched into a tirade after finding a spider in his coffee.

“He was simply furious,” Bride said. “I haven’t seen him this way since the Villagers posted that pict of him getting a haircut in town. He’s got a temper!”

Bride’s joyride in the 800hp Bentley led her to a cafe in the Bulgaria Forest. Great Lattes we’re told…

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SKETCH of the Day… The Bride’s BAD BENTLEY

Some Bentley’s are just sick looking… but then… there’s the BAD BENTLEY. A massive vehicle that only THE BRIDE could handle as it seems to have a mind of it’s own on Halloween.

While you’re trick or treating, be sure to keep a look out. Then… RUN.