This is BUBBA…



This is my buddy Bubba and he’s the dood that brings me cool cars. Porsche’s specifically. Today, the 911 had to go home to PorscheVille so Bubba showed up to take the beast back. Bubba, Bubba, Bubba. Just have to keep saying that because it’s just as cool as Fireball. Seriously.

Lots of people have jobs. Some have cool jobs. By Bubba loves his job like no other. He’s a Chevy guy, too, but I’ll ask you to keep that a secret so that Porsche guys don’t find out.

Always look forward to when this guy shows up because he’s positive, cheery and has an adorable grand-daughter. Triple threat, eh? Anywho, the 911 is now gone… but something cool this way comes… on Friday. Then, it’s off to shoot in Palm Springs! Wupeeee!!!!