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Fireball Malibu Vlog 455 shoots Fireball & Kathie from the stunning #beaches of #Malibu to the Vet with the Pups. Will they Survive? Then, to The Automobile Driving Museum for a gorgeous 1956 Cadillac Coupe De Ville! SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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Bug & Sammy’s Carpet Laying Machine…

My dogs love carpet. Smearing, rubbing, rolling, eating treats on and just plain lying around. Which is why I did this piece for my first BIG BOOK. If they had their own machine, then they could roll it out wherever they wanted, and that would be cool.

Am I already working on Book 2? Of course. My hand won’t stop, even while I’m sleeping. So, I might as well keep up the wacky for Sunday!

While the girl’s away…

Bug and Sammy are in a stupor.

Kathie went to Chicago to visit her Mom for a week. And the dogs, who are literally attached at her hip, are wondering what the hell just happened. “I swear,” growled Bug. “She was here and then like ‘poof,’ she disappeared.” Along with all the cars, I guess.

Well, we took Kathie to the airport for a 7am flight, meaning we got there at 5am, and it was like the 405 all over again. Not a creature was stirring, not even two cockerpoos. Anyway, I took this out in the middle of Abbott Kinney. Coulda stood there for half an hour, but that woulda been stupid, so I just took a picture. Duh.

I miss my girl… But we’ll go play.

Ok, who’s running who…?

Bug and Sammy wanna go bye, bye.

Got up early this morning to take a run and guess who wanted to go. Yes, Bug and Sammy. Have you ever tried running with two pups who want to smell and sniff everything in site? For every step I take, they take 12.

But how can you say no to faces like that?

Sunday is today, right? Ok, what am I doing today? Oh…

Run. Wups, already did that. Ok, so at 11am I’m heading to the Lake Shrine for a service. Looking forward to that as I always do because it’s a blast. Strange, eh? Going to a service and saying that? But it is. It’s fun and also enlightening. You are what you believe, and I believe that I’ll have a banana now.(See how I segued out of that oh so nicely?) Yea, whatever FT.

Since my wife is heading to Redondo Beach at 3pm, I’m free as a bird this afternoon to get stuff done. (She’s going to be gone for 122 hours dues to traffic, so I have plenty of time!) Think I’ll go into town and check out cars…


I love Corndogs…

BugCornDogSammyCornDogOr maybe I should say Corn and Dogs? When you get a new dog, (Mine are 1 year old now) they go through a lot of changes. And the training can be a challenge. But what also comes out is their personality.

Bug, the party spotted CockerPoo is 18lbs. All muscle and has no idea how to use it. Sammy, the girl (weighing in at 10lbs) is highly emotional, but one of the fastest dogs I’ve ever had. A greyhound in CockerPoo clothing.

Yea, I like fast things. But where Sammy is fast, Bug makes up for it in strength. He even grunts like he’s just deadlifted 300lbs. Sammy whimpers as if to say “What about me?”

It’s nice to have small dogs. The poop is small. They can finish off one can. They fit in the car. They’re easy to kick. (The official joke part of this post.) And if you have to pick them up quickly like I did on the beach the other day when some moron let his Rottweiler loose to roam with the little kids, it’s easy to scoop them up.

The big dog was ok, just an excessive amount of slobber.

My wife wants to dress Bug up like Rambo for Halloween. Lame, but maybe he’ll get me extra candy when we take them out? Hm. Could work.

Disaster on the HOMESTEAD…

Most people say that when their house is a mess, it’s usually because there’s dishes, clothes and items not in their proper place. But, at MY house, it’s all because of my wife. Now you’re saying, “TIM! How can you say that about your wife??” Well, it’s because she BUILDS COSTUMES for a living. KCL.

Here, let me take you on a conceptual tour…

Kathie gets a new client. In this case, it’s Director Justin Harder. A very cool dood with a vision for cool costumes doing cool things for FUELTV. 4 Costumes. A ROCK MAN, a ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN, a PAVE MAN and an OCTOPUS MAN. So… here we are, Kathie building these 4 costumes in the back of the house where her shop is. And they ARE cool. (Photos later when their done.)

So, as she and her crew sculpt, carve, cast, mold, tweak, slam, poke and cut up these costumes, our two pooches (Bug and Sammy) steal the pieces that fall on the ground and bring them into the house to play with. And thus, the disaster begins. They chew string, rope, foam, fabric (Even on me!). EVERYTHING becomes a chew toy! And you want to get mad, right? I mean, steaming… But,…

How can you look at those faces and get mad? Maybe I should just join them…

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Not a good day for POOCHES…

Just imagine it. One minute, you’re fine and dandy. Lickin’ chops, runnin’ on the beach, sniffin’ butts at will. And the next? You’re somehow just a wee bit lighter and in serious pain. And,… something’s missing.

Not a good day for pooches happened last week. My pooches. Bug and Sammy. Bug, the boy Cockerpoo on the left. Now ball-less. And Sammy, the Licorice Girl on the right. Both, went to the doctor to be snipped.

It’s a tough thing for an owner that really loves his dogs. Since the death of my last CockerPoo, Bandit, we’ve dealt with a lot of new things. Things you wouldn’t deal with having just one dog. Everything’s doubled. Bones, toys, snippings. And $500 later, the kids came home with sorrowful faces. Now, it’s one thing to understand what’s happening to you, but for two little tykes like these guys, …just imagine? “HEY WHAT THE HECK IS GOIN’ ON HERE!!?? ARE YOU INSANE?? GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY PRIVATES!!!”

But here they are now. Back to their antics and all healed up. Amazing how fast that happens.

I love my dogs. And if you’re lucky enough to have one for yourself, or a cat, a bird, an iguana or a chinchilla. Enjoy it. They make your life worth living…

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