My Dog Pee’d…


Ok, that’s a strange thing to say, I know. But, here’s how it went…

Sammy here on the right gets filth in her ears because she loves to play on the beach with her brother, Bug. So, every now and then, we have to clean her ears. But,… we have to be careful about how we let her know that that’s gonna to happen… otherwise, she pee’s.

Case in Point? Kathie forgot the first rule of ear cleaning as she called out for Sammy in a particular way. No big deal, as after about 5 minutes, she found her and cleaned her ears. Easy, right?

This was about 5pm. At 6pm, we sat down to watch a movie in the living room and Kathie popped a squat in one of our beach chair. Ahhh, it was warm, cozy, inviting… and WET. Oops. The accident was revealed and Sammy got her karmic payback for the ear cleaning.

Kathie and I… got to wash the chair pad, Kathie had to change her clothes and we had to open the living room up to waft the smell out.

Next time, I’m just gonna grab that dog and RUN!

Bug & Sammy get the trim… Bummer


Yea, those of you who have pups know that giving a haircut can be a lot of work. Which is why some may take your pooches to PetSmart and have a “pro” do it. For $100, yo!!!!

But us?

We like the joy that comes from torture. Getting your dog to sit still doesn’t torture the dog, but yoooou. It’s like clambering to grab hold of a greasy ice cube while wearing over-sized construction gloves in 120 degree heat… and bouncing on a pogo stick (Almost forgot that one…).

BUT, alas… there’s joy, too. The joy of having a clean trimmed pup that’s happy and licks your face until the cows come home. (And that alone, can be a long time, folks.) Not to mention all the pillows you could fill with their hair.

Yes, creepy… but cost effective. 😉

DSC05766 DSC05767  DSC05769   DSC05772

Today’s WACKY RIDE… Bug and Sammy’s Carpet Machine


So, I got tired of my dogs “doin’ their business” on our carpet and decided to give them their own machine to do whatever they wanted. Workin’ out pretty well…

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