1959 CHEVROLET APACHE Spotted! – FMV426

A weird day reveals amazing cars including this 1959 Chevrolet Apache, amongst a barely diverted potential tragedy. Bug gets lost. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


Classic Copper Cruiser – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 175

Today‚Äôs Episode : After heading to the set of the upcoming film “MASCOTS,” Fireball hits Picture Car Warehouse for cool Movie Cars. Then some dog time…



An Amazing Performance – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 81

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This episode… After some Bodyboarding with the CockerPoos, our team head to Carpinteria for an amazing play in the 2015 MINI Cooper S-JCW.


BUG & SAMMY take a #Beach Break… #MarinaDelRey #DogsOntheBeach #Puppy #Pooch #Dog


My dogs, BUG & SAMMY love the beach. But being little, the waves can be enormous. So, sometimes we take them to Mother’s Beach in Marina Del Rey where there’s no waves and just water. Now, technically, they aren’t aloud on the beach, so I’m breaking the law. Bummer.

But on off season in the morning, there’s no lifeguard and no one around, so it’s play time. The sheer joy on their lil’ faces is enough to risk it.

Bug&Sammy_FireballTim Bug&Sammy_FireballTim Bug&Sammy_FireballTim

WATCH Fireball take a ride with HERBIE…


Had a great time with Herbie and his Keeper, Jerry. What a champ…

Ride Along Episode 7 with HERBIE The Love Bug!

Had a great time with Herbie and his keeper, Jerry! Keep it up, boys!

BUG bounces back…

One of the greatest thing a dog can teach us is to stay present. And for this Valentine’s Day, that’s Bug’s gift to me.

Staying in the present allows you to not dwell on the past or worry about the future. And all that we are, create and live is in the NOW. Bug has made a full recovery and sits in wonder as to why there’s a bandage on his paw. (He’s trying to chew it off).

Thank God for reminders like that. Have a great Valentine’s Day everyone. GET OUT THERE AND LOVE SOMEONE!

BUG knows the weekend’s here…

For some reason, my dogs always know when it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. They jump for joy, literally. (This is BUG, and he likes to surf.)

And since I’m leaving for Vegas on Monday for SEMA, I have decided that this weekend will be low and slow…. Tomorrow? Shopping for food for Kathie since I’ll be gone for a week. Buy some shoes. Then… squat. Sunday? Bringin’ my Dad to the Malibu Farmer’s Market. They have awesome crepes that I smack fulla Nutella and Bananas. Only one thing I love more than cooking is eating. Check out some of my grub here, but Farmer’s Market is cool.

Yea, …that’s a happy dog. For those of you I’ll see at SEMA, remember… It’s Vegas, Baby!!!

BUG wants to be a BIG DOG…

The surest way to have a big dog… is to plant your little one.

It’s the Holiday weekend and strange things are already happening. BUG decided that an Orchid Pot was a good place to observe from, so he planted himself. I suppose it’s not a bad idea…

Sweet Rides at the Route66 Grill…

So I went out to Canyon Country to visit my friends, Andy and Jen. Newlyweds. Just bought a slammin’ new house and wanted to hook up with us at the Route66 Grill. …Where there just happen to be some sweet rides. I unfortunately forgot to tell Kathie that there was a car show in the parking lot. Wups.

Rides. Burgs. Bitchin.’ Like goin’ into a Classic Car CandyStore, these cars came in all shapes and sizes. And the only thing better was the owners. They loved their cars, even the guy with the beat up Pinto Wagon.

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