Jerry Seinfeld’s PORSCHE – FMV378

Fireball Malibu Vlog 378! After retrieving his Buick from The Murphy Automobile Museum, Fireball & Kathie run across a PCH Accident and Jerry Seinfeld’s PORSCHE. All in a day’s Vlog. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

Come to Fireball #WHEELSANDWAVES #CarShow at Gladstones Malibu!

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Next Week… The BUICK REGAL GS… Badass…

Mr. Vader, your car’s here. Well, not really. But I think that Darth would give it a big “Force Up.” Next week, the insane doods of GM are sending me a Regal GS to see how it measures up to like vehicles. What, are they nuts? Giving me a black car for a week and sayin’ “Have at it, Fireball!” ...Uh, oh.

And I tell ya, I want to like this car, so my hopes are high. Not sure if it’s on the scale of the Grand National, but at 270hp it’s got a lot to live up to.

Will it measure up to the Beemers, Mercs and other 4 door-ers? We’ll see, but in Carbon Black, it’s a good start. Pa Chow….

What happened to BUICK being for old farts?

When I was growing up, BUICK was an “old dood” car. Unless you were 103, you wouldn’t consider driving one. But now…

This is the IP for the new Enclave Concept headed to Geneva. And I’m like, “what?” Then, I took a look at the Regal GS and I was like… “what the…?” Is Buick on the heels of Cadillac in scoring a young, hip and design driven buyer? It sure looks like it.

Maybe I need to get my hands on the GS and find out what’s up…