Automobile Driving Museum 1930-1940 Cars Edition – FMV267

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 267! Fireball heads to The Automobile Driving Museum to meet Tom Fehn, Director of Preservation. This time, 1930-40 Cars. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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CAR STORIES Episode4… A ’68 Buick Wagon with a nasty roof rack


Fireball drives the 2014 BUICK LaCROSSE… @Buick #BuickLaCrosse #drive @shadbalch @KatieMaltais


I’m excited for Buick as you know. Since the success of Cadillac’s re-branding and new vision, Buick has set out to the the same thing. Although not in full swing yet, the 2014 BUICK LACROSSE is an awesome piece of stylized machinery. A week in this car and you can see the positive nature to which Buick is headed.

Now, this car isn’t for everyone but a select type of person who wants unique luxury and doesn’t want to spend $100K. At less than half that, you’ll be getting a great design both in and out, 304hp, 28mpg/hwy and a tank that holds 18 gallons. The room inside is for the big man, no problem, but it feels ergonomically cozy and all trims are top quality.

Although the design elements are consistently cool, the nature of this car is pretty elegant. It’s not hoyty-toyty in any way, and you’d feel comfortable driving it to the beach with your coffee, grocery shopping or just a short jaunt to the Academy Awards if you’re into that. Otherwise, there isn’t a place this car couldn’t go. Mine came with everything in the White Diamond Tricoat and Cocoa Interior (Pretty sure they knew they’d get a positive vote when they sent me the chocolate version) and the 3.6L V6 was up and adam with no delay. Plus, the car was quiet as all hell in between my blasts of Alter Bridge and Puddle of Mudd.

FAST FACT? Globaly, LaCrosse sales have exceeded 618,000 since 2009, so peeps are diggin this ride, plus it’s won a bunch of awards. Nice.

Only… still don’t know what LaCrosse actually means other than the sport. So, if you like consistency and you like the sport, Bob’s Your Uncle. Otherwise, my guess is that it’s some sort of French Pastry that you can only get from a small patisserie in the south of France. Thinks it’s called Louie LaCrosse’s Patisserie Chocolat. I’d google that before you actually cross the pond, though.

All in all, the 2014 LaCrosse is a world class car without the world class price tag. Get it in red or black. Badass…

2014BuickLacrosse_FireballTim2 2014BuickLacrosse_FireballTim3

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BUICK RIVIERA Concept is smokin…’ @buick #buickriviera


Although Cadillac is leading the charge to re-define its image and brand, Buick is hot off it’s heels. Although they seem to still be in concept mode as their production cars aren’t quite that innovative yet. Design is still a bit shy, but I have a distinct feeling that Buick will make a play soon by the looks of this Riviera. Keep you toes crossed…

Buick-Riviera-Concept-Interior-Rendering-02 Buick-Riviera-Concept-Interior-Rendering-03-720x405

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Next Week… The BUICK REGAL GS… Badass…

Mr. Vader, your car’s here. Well, not really. But I think that Darth would give it a big “Force Up.” Next week, the insane doods of GM are sending me a Regal GS to see how it measures up to like vehicles. What, are they nuts? Giving me a black car for a week and sayin’ “Have at it, Fireball!” ...Uh, oh.

And I tell ya, I want to like this car, so my hopes are high. Not sure if it’s on the scale of the Grand National, but at 270hp it’s got a lot to live up to.

Will it measure up to the Beemers, Mercs and other 4 door-ers? We’ll see, but in Carbon Black, it’s a good start. Pa Chow….

Fireball’s “Cool Designs of the Week”