Watch! All New 5MINUTE DRIVE episode with the 2013 Cadillac XTS!

Man, this is a serious crooze machine. Had this one for a week and I think I slept better than I’ve done in years! The car does everything EXCEPT allow you to sleep while driving, but it does everything else with it’s new CUE System (Cadillac User Experience). In this week’s hysterical 5MINUTE DRIVE, Kathie and I take this beast for Java and try to figure it out. WATCH!

2013 CADILLAC XTS appears at The Fireball Pad!

Wow, what an awesome flagship car Cadillac has. And this Platinum Edition is a croozer. Episode of 5Minute Drive coming up with this one. Let it be said… This Swordfish is lickety split.

CADILLAC XTS on it’s way to the Fireball Pad…

Ok, so there’s a Caddy coming tomorrow. TheĀ  2103 Cadillac XTS to be precise. And that means DRIFTING, BURNOUTS, DONUTS, FLIPS, CORKSCREWS and ROCKFORDS!! So, hold on a second while I do all this…


Almost done…


Ok, then. That was fun. Now that I’ve expressed my excitement, maybe I’ll take the Caddy through the Canyon tomorrow to see DREDD? Chill while it glides like a smooth wind from the tropics. Ahhh…. CADDY IN DA HOUSE!!!