T-MINUS 5 DAYS… for the launch of The Ultimate CAMARO Coloring Book!!!

We are only a few days away now from the launch of our next ULTIMATE COLORING BOOK… and it’s CAMARO! It’ll be exclusive to AMAZON for the launch, but will be available in Museums and Stores where open.

20 pages of Camaros through the years and a MAZE… but not in the way you’d ever see them on the street. These… are the BADASSES of Camaro Culture. High-Speed Ground-Based TACTICAL FIGHTERS.

As Custodians of Cool, a normal CAMARO Book just WOULD NOT DO. So, Fireball got busy designing some of the most outrageous Chevys you ever laid you eyeballs on, ppl. It’s JUST… PLAIN… NUTS. And many of them should become SEMA Cars.

Watch ART TALK FacebookLIVE here on Monday for the LAUNCH… and see what he recently found ON THE BEACH! Maybe we need to do a SpaceX Coloring Book??

T-Minus 2 weeks for the launch of our all-new CAMARO COLORING BOOK!!

We’re only 2 weeks away from the launch of our new CAMARO COLORING BOOK! 20 illustrations of HEAVILY MODIFIED CAMAROS from Classics to Modern Day Muscle… plus a cool MAZE!!

It’ll join our current stable of coloring books which include, VETTE, MUSTANG, PORSCHE, SURF WOODIES, VDUB BUSES, HOLLYWOOD MUSCLE, HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS and CUSTOM CARS!

Fireball announces CAMARO COLORING BOOK launching June 1st!!

We’re very excited to announce that our next book is CAMARO!! 20 heavily-modified Classic and Modern Camaros to Color including an intense Camaro MAZE! Check out the awesome COVER!!

Fireball books are the WORLD’S BEST COLORING BOOKS and chock full of the most incredible automotive images from Hollywood Car Designer, Fireball Tim.   

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