Awesome rides of the WEEK…


Cool cars that have come to me over the week include some serious beasts, but it’s obvious that design trends from aftermarket companies are solid and cool. (Not like you’ll be seeing the above anytime soon, but I’d rock it for sure…) The big thing now is powerplants. Gas is on the way out and alternative is on the way in. An upward spiral shift, raising the conciousness of society.

What will be available in the next 10-20 years? Fuel Cells, BioFules, Electric Hybrids and more. And design? Well, it just keeps getting better.

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Fireball Weekend ROLLERCOASTER…




Yea, a lot can happen in a weekend. Screech, Boom, Bam! And like most weekends in the California sun, it has to do with cars. Well, …bikes too.

At any given time, you can get reminded of what’s important. A chance to reflect about what’s working in your life and what isn’t. It may happen at a Car Show, it may happen when you walk down the street. But one thing’s for sure. It happens.

The Village Coffee Roaster Show happens every Sunday. Calabasas, California. Yea, a funny name, but an off the chart show. Daimlers, Mustangs, CanAms. Yea, the typical stuff you see just toodlin’ around the streets, right? Hm.

Then, you come home and see a Harley, having been broadsided by a POS. No, they weren’t seriously hurt. Just their egos.  Makes you think. Better do what I’m gonna do NOW. And not wait.

But, a celebration, too. I’ll now be working heavily with CINEMA VEHICLES. On a new TV Show. What is it? You’ll have to subscribe to the blog to find out… But, to give you a hint… it’s black.  And scaweeeeee…….

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