CAR STORIES Ep24 features a Sunk Truck… WATCH!



Howzabout a CAR STORIES with a crushed Ford Fiesta? Bring it…


Today’s CAR STORIES Ep23 is a Beer Power’d ’73 Pontiac Firebird!!

Click here to watch this video on the Beer Powered Pontiac Firebird on YouTube.

CAR STORIES Ep22 turns a 1971 Alfa Romeo Spyder into a Boat!


My good friend Maddy Smith is all about cars. And one of her favorites was her 1971 Alfa Romeo Spyder… which she drifted every time it rained. Watch!

Today’s CAR STORIES Ep21!! A 1963 Corvette gets munched!


Click here to watch this Car Stories video on the 1963 Corvette Roadster on YouTube.

Today’s CAR STORY… A Chevy smokin’ a Chevy


WATCH! CAR STORIES Ep20 with a Stuntwoman and a dead Ferrari!


5MD CAR STORIES filming tomorrow @ Malibu Cars & Coffee…


Tomorrow morning I’ll be at MCC, camera in hand for another bout of CAR STORIES. If you’re going to the show, pull me aside and we’ll get your story up! Here’s the latest episode…

WATCH! 5MD CAR STORIES Episode 19 is a smashed Ford Fiesta!


Awesome CAR STORIES Ep18 with the Mercury Topaz!! Classic!!

CAR STORIES MercuryTopaz

My friend LEANNA PARISH from the City of Malibu reveals her first car and yes… it’s a two door Topaz. SNAP!