What’s coming next to the FIREBALL PAD? Beastly Camaro & Trail Boss…

On deck here at the Fireball Pad are two CHEVYS to celebrate the launch of our new CAMARO Coloring Book!

The 2020 CAMARO SS will arrive on the 5th, followed by the 2020 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss! Both, amazing cars and we’ll be Vloggin!’

Monday, THE CAMARO BOOK will be available on Amazon… unless, you actually read this and discover that… IT ALREADY IS! Shhhh…

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2016 #CHEVY CRUZE Action #Review! – FMV326

FIREBALL #MALIBU #VLOG 326! Fireball croozes in the 2016 #CHEVROLET CRUZE and give the skinny. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


All new 5MINUTE DRIVE rocks a ’57 #CHEVY & a #LONDON CAB!!!! WATCH!! #Taxi #5MinuteDrive #fireballtim @thegentracer @motorator


WATCH! Legendary PARNELLI JONES on the latest 5Minute Drive… #Parnelli #Racing @ShadBalch @Chevrolet #MuscleCar @thegentracer @motorator


Pretty incredible experience to sit with Parnelli on the latest Episode #37. He’s an icon for sure. We had a great time talking racing and driving Chevy’s 580hp 2015 Camaro ZL1. HUG THANKS to Mr. Jones and the folks at Chevrolet! We may have turned him!!

Fireball cruises the 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO: Review


Have you ever had a truck? Seems like a pretty straight forward question…, but unless you’ve actually owned one, it’s hard to imagine just what it feels like to live a life that requires one.

Sure, the gas mileage isn’t so good as a Prius, but hauling wood around in a Prius would be… weird. (Although I have seen people do it.) But a truck is a truck for a reason. It’s practical for all the purposes you’d think, but there are a few that you might find surprising. And that’s what I felt after I drove this 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO Crew Cab 4WD for a week.


I don’t haul wood. I don’t carry sheep. I don’t lay sand bags or have an ATV. But what I do like to do is have fun. And I do A LOT of that. In a world of “green,” it seems strange to buy a big truck, but if you go a bit deeper into your mind, you’ll see that your world isn’t necessarily supposed to be practical. You’re actually supposed to LIVE. And to live… means to bring JOY.

JOY is achieved not by doing things, but by BEING a certain way. Looking at the world in a certain way. You could say that if you live IN joy, more joy comes. And in a funny sort of beefy way, that’s exactly what this 5.3L V8 Vortec’d beast does.

It keeps you in a state of joy for a number of reasons. Because it’s high, you can see the world and not be buried in it. It seats 5 comfortably for long hauls to bring friends. And, because it’s a truck, you can stop, pop a squat and enjoy the view from your own private deck. A deck big enough for two massive CockerPoos, in my case.

There are only a few things we REALLY want in life. Love, Joy, Peace, Health, Prosperity. And this is the kind of vehicle that helps you find it. It’s a 315hp/ 335lb.ft torque vehicle of ACTION. …A tool you use, not to do things… but to BE something.



I can’t say that about a Prius, but of course it has its purpose also. But the 2013 CHEVY SILVERADO just makes you feel present and slightly “floated” above the world. Shifting your perspective about what’s possible for the day… as opposed to what you may HAVE to do.

It can also haul anything at about 1600lbs, so I’ll be heading to the nearest SEE’S Candy store soon…


Chevrolet Silverado 1 Chevrolet-Silverado_2014_800x600_wallpaper_0e  DSC04884  DSC04897 DSC04898 DSC04899  DSC04901 DSC04904 DSC04905 Silverado



315hp CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 appears @ The Fireball Pad…


This week’s ride? The massively cool Chevy Silverado. I’ll be toolin’ this puppy out to the book signing this weekend at Autobooks, filling the back as a swimming pool!

No, not really. But that would be cool. NEW 5 MINUTE DRIVE, THOUGH!! Cha.

This is it… THE 2014 CORVETTE


A few shots have appeared today of the all new 2014 Corvette. A day early as the BIG reveal is tomorrow at the Detroit Auto Show. Rest assured, this will be the best designed Corvette ever…


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2013 CAMARO ZL1 appears at the Fireball Pad… here come the pain.

OK, HOLD ON!! 580hp?

I just remembered I need a  CHOCOLATE MILK!! BYE!!!

WATCH! ALL NEW SHOW!!! It’s CarShorts…, duh.

Yes, an all new show for CAR REVIEWS! And why would this show be any different than any other car review segment? Because… it just is. So there. LET’S DO IT!!! Time for CARSHORTS!!

Watch! RIDE ALONG Season 2 begins!! THE CHEVY VOLT…

Finally! Ride Along Season 2 is away with the 2012 Chevy Volt. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments below…