Ride Along in the CHEVY TAHOE… for Summer Snowboarding


Is there snow in summer? Well, wherever I go, there’s something fun to see. And in the Tahoe… that’s easy. Check out the episode.


WATCH! Ride Along Episode 11 The 2012 CHEVY TAHOE

This past week, the boys at GM gave me a silver Tahoe to do with what I will. And since I live at the beach, it was time to head to the mountains to put this baby to the test. And it got an A. Now, why not an A+? Well, because it woulda been a lot cooler in black. But that’s me. 😉

Check out the episode and let me know what you think. Is the Tahoe something that you’d rock?

Off to BIG BEAR for some Tahoe Action…

So, does the new Chevy Tahoe measure up to the Fireball standard? Is it cool in all the right places? Well, in order to get to the bottom of it, I’m off to BIG BEAR with my snowboards to find out. And I have 5 tagalongs to maximize and see if this FlexFuel Beast can fit the bill, fully loaded. And… I’ve got a brand new GoPro Camera to fit this Silver Beast in the frame… so there, take that!

Ride Along Episode 11 will be coming soon, but for now, check out SEMA Episode 8 for some car coolness…ness.

Project KING TAHOE Begins…

If you’ve been listening to THE PODCAST Show, then you’ll know about KING TAHOE. Here’s the goal…

ASSIGNMENT: Regular Car: A 1997 Chevy Tahoe. 1 Mod a Week over 52 Weeks will make a cool ride… And so, MOD 1 begins with new Headlights.

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