Huntington Beach Concours WAY OUTTA CONTROL!

Wow, what an awesome show! Big thanks to all that came by my booth to hang, swap cool car stories and see the bitchin’ Rolls for Sorcerer’s Apprentice courtesy of CVS. And congrats again to all the students who won the art contest. That was a blast! (Check out Jeffrey Sung’s cool Aston Martin rendo)

Also got a visit from buddy Dan Woods of Chop, Cut Rebuild… Jeff Styles/Master Pinstriper…, GM Car dood Richard James and tons of car lovin’ kids who reached into Fireball’s ToyBox! (It’s a bag actually, by I was trying to throw them off…)

Check out the neato pix!


Chop, Cut Rebuild wins BIG…

So, my buddy Dan Woods can be pretty proud. He’s done it again on his show Chop, Cut, Rebuild. Way to go, you nutty Canadian!


The acclaimed automotive series; Chop Cut Rebuild …with Dan Woods, is ecstatic to announce the 1940 Mercury, featured in the current season of the hit SPEED series has won Best Early Custom (1935 to 1948) and the West Coast Kustoms Faverite Kustom at the 2010 Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California.

The Grand National Roadster Show is celebrating its 61st successful year. Once known as the Oakland Roadster Show, it is the longest running indoor car show in the world! From January 29th to 31st, over 500 show vehicles competed for awards inside every building at the LA County Fairplex. Another 600 vehicles joined the event Saturday & Sunday for the GNRS “Drive-In” parked in between the buildings and walkways.

Congratulations to everyone at Ted’s Rod Shop on providing SPEED viewers with an amazing build!

Watch episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild weekdays at 4pm and weekends during the Castrol Engine Block …only on SPEED.

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Fireball with the Orange Caddy

Wow, the HB Concours show was an awesome success. (Although, it rained as I brought in my cool orange CVS caddy…) Hot Rod Saturday was a bit light but Sunday was a record crowd of car nut jobs! I think the entire city of Huntington Beach showed up! Here’s some of the tasty highlights, but thanks to everyone that came out, like DB, John Callison, Dan Woods,  Styles and many more for the sun and cool cars!!

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What the heck is ReinCARnated???

reincarnated7.JPG reincarnated1.JPGreincarnated6.JPGreincarnated2.JPG


Based on the photos, this new show coming from the Producers of “CHOP, CUT, REBUILD” and “STREET TUNER CHALLENGE” is the next BIG thing. Kind of like NASCAR meets DOLLY PARTON. Well, no. …Not actually. But would you believe, TOM CRUISE in a FAST AND FURIOUS movie? No? How about FIREBALL TIM and the crew saying shhhhhhh….. We like to call it “THE NUNA SHOW.” As in, Nunna Ya Dang Business… until Fall, at least!

As you may know, I like secrets. In fact, EVERYONE likes secrets. So, for the time being as we film, this is a superdoooperreallycoolsecret typa secret.

We’ll tackle small things like Area 51 and such. But no big deal. Oh,… and with cars, …duh.

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