Automobile Driving Museum Cars of 1940-1950 – FMV279

FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 279! Fireball heads to The Automobile Driving Museum to see amazing cars from 1940-50. Plus, ride in a Studebaker. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


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WATCH! New 5MINUTE DRIVE with Master Futurist SYD MEAD!


A truly amazing experience to ride with my good friend for over 25 years, Master Visual Futurist and Conceptualist SYD MEAD. I sat next to Syd and watched awestruck as he painted for movies like Blade Runner, Aliens, Star Trek TMP and many more. He currently worked on Elysium and the upcoming TOMORROWLAND.

This past week, we took out his huge ’72 Chrysler Imperial and went for a spin. Behold… some fantastic words from the Master.





Fireball features Star Trek’s DENISE CROSBY for 5MINUTE DRIVE’s Episode 21 @theDeniseCrosby #johnvarvatos #chrysler


So excited about this week’s EPISODE 21 of 5MINUTE DRIVE as my guest was DENISE CROSBY (Star Trek The Next Generation/Pet Cemetery/ Ray Donovan). We had a blast, tooling through Pacific Palisades in the new 2014 CHRYSLER 300C Varvatos Luxury Edition and talking everything from Acting challenges, Gandhi and John Varvatos himself. Can you recognize the opening music by Acoustic Labs?

The Varvatos Edition Chrysler is an awesome ride at 292hp, heated everything, incredibly comfortable and elegant. We especially liked the unique sound system. 😉

Denise was an awesome guest (Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter!), so join me in a BIG THANKS to her in the comments. Enjoy!

Coming this week on 5MINUTE DRIVE… Star Trek The Next Generation’s @TheDeniseCrosby @StarTrek @StarTrekNextGen

Super excited about this week’s show with my hysterical special guest, DENISE CROSBY. We get in WAY over our heads with all sorts of stuff about Trek, the 80’s, dogs and modeling. Episode coming in just a couple days!


What’s coming to the Fireball Pad? #KIA OPTIMA HYBRID, #CHRYSLER VARVATOS & #BMW M6 GRAN COUPE


The next few weeks brings some awesome rides to the Fireball Pad. And that can only mean one thing… more 5MINUTE DRIVES! We have some really special guests coming, so make sure you watch out for the upcoming episodes!


Today’s BEST CONCEPT CARS are the #Corvette #FordF150 #HyundaiGenesis #MercedesS600 #Chrysler200


Some wicked cars have been revealed at this year’s DETROIT AUTO SHOW. These are a few, but I’ll be posting more later. What’s gonna be your next ride? Take your pick…

2015-Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-4 2015-f150-2-620x350 (Read on…)

For the indecisive, the 2013 CHRYSLER 200 may be the right choice… #chrysler200 @chrysler #sedan #carreview


For those of you who want a pulse pumping, blood curdling road rocket experience, you can click off now. But for those of you looking for a practical, budget conscious, ego-free 4-seater that looks good and gets you where you need to go without worry, read on…

This silver 2013 CHRYSLER 200 came to me for a week to get a different sort of automotive experience. Although not necessarily an overwhelming design, this 29mpg/hwy people mover had me feeling comfortable, secure and timely. The overall exterior is contemporary and solid, although not distinct. It’s a car for those with not a lot of time to make a decision and feel good about it later. And at a little over $27K, the 200 seats you in black clad interior trim, making going to office, out on the town or picking up groceries an easy jaunt… but feeling secure and safe. And for some, that’s all that’s needed.

A massive list of extras make this car a solid choice for getting the most out of a rather simple car. Although, in a pinch, buy one in black, stick on 20″ rims and tint the windows and you have a sleek, dark patroler that can and will get you into anything. I liked that. Not what the car is, but what it could be if I snagged one.


I’m all for feeling comfortable on PCH, knowing that I can rest my mind of the day’s events and nothing else, but add a small amount to the ride and you get a bit of juice. Even if you didn’t, you can be worry-free knowing that it’s gonna travel you and friends exactly where you want to go. (I think they were testing me by sending the silver one.)

PLUSSES… Chrysler’s overall design language is thickness. Not overweight, but just general girth. From the seats, steering wheel and dash to the belt-line, it says “Go mess with someone else. I’m busy.” That’s focus, and that’s Chrysler. That is also a little bit of what we really need in life right now. Forget your problems and just take care of business. Says a lot about a car company these days.

Chrysler200-Fireball-Tim_4 (Read on…)

Weekend CONCEPT CAR crazy… @hyundai @honda @chrysler @lego


Some really insane stuff this past week from HYUNDAI, CHRYSLER, AUDI, DUCATI, CORVETTE, HONDA, PEUGEOT, LEGO and even Putin’s new Presidential Limo. Which one would YOU drive home?

2013-Hyundai-Veloster-Zombie-Survival-Machine1-Fireball_Tim  2013-Hyundai-Veloster-Zombie-Survival-Machine3-Fireball_Tim

(Read on…)

2013 Chrysler 200 arrives at The Fireball Pad. Lil’ brute… #chrysler #dodge #malibu


So…, I was expecting the RAM 1500 yesterday, but there was a “equipment malfunction” as they say, and in came the 2013 CHRYSLER 200. (I’ll get the RAM next week.) But, since I’m the Fireball and anything with 4 wheels is cool, I sauntered up to the 200 (Can you picture this?) and took a peek inside.

Now, it’s not the Charger which I just had, but it does have it’s compact bruteness. Full drive later, but I took it up PCH for a spin. Saw THIS on the way.

Yep. Think I’ll go saunter some more…

The Fireball DAILY COOL…


Did this piece quite some time ago for a Podcast show. Always thought it would be a cool build, although pretty sure there’d be some dead bodies hangin’ off the back within a short time. Maybe it’d be a good ZombieKilla?