Chuey Martinez from MTV Tres hits The Hollywood Garage!

Got a visit from MTV Tres’ Chuey Martinez the other day (Thanks to our SuperHeroPublicist Mikey) for a new segment coming up on the Network. What’s it about? Hollywood Cars, duh. So, what did we do?

Toured metal coolness… and Mikey and I compared cool shoes, of course.

And just so you know, Chuey’s the man…

A day at the SHOP…

Nicholas Cage Rolls Royce

Why is Nicholas Cage’s million dollar Rolls sitting in the shop? That’s what I thought when I “rolled” in. Well, cuz he has a new movie coming and we’re building two extras. One as a stunt car, and one to…


Ouchy. But that’s what CVS does. Build it, blow it to smithereens.

As I walked the shop, I saw several new cars that Ray brought in from a sale at Paramount. The vans that Tom Cruise drove from “WAR OF THE WORLDS,” several kookie Czeck cars and one of my favorites,… a Ford Saloon. This was the first die-cast that Corgi made. It’s awesome. I want to fully restore her and take her for a spin up PCH.

Oh, and today’s my Mom’s birthday. Family coming over to celebrate. She’s been gone for a short time now and it’s still tough. But we made her a Carrot Cake which she loved. That would have made her happy. …More later.

The cars of FAST & FURIOUS 4…

…comin’ April 3rd. Hey, that’s my birthday!!!


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Knight Rider build photos… REVEALED!!!


Ok, so I’ve been gettin’ pressure from fans to reveal the actual build shots of KITT from CVS, so I’ve finally snapped…

Gaze in utter lunacy at ourMustang beast and start building your own! Don’t ask me a lot of questions about it right now, as the Studio barely let us release these! Listen to The Hollywood Car Show next week for more “Behind the Scenes” tidbits, but you can watch my page on StreetFire or Facebook for more about our MOVIE CARS.

(All photos Rick Carmody and Bob Hartwick of CVS)

Concepts… No, obviously not the final design. Doh. But, I may still have to build this…;-)

Fireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT ConceptFireball Tim KITT Concept

Playin’ with a GEM…

This will be fun. What’s better than a “Green Vehicle?” A Fireballed Green Vehicle. So, with this as our template, we’ll be doing some really cool modded green cars this coming year at Cinema Vehicles. More photos at AutoblogGreen HERE.

Distributed by Chrysler, but built by GEM in Fargo! 30 mile charge. 25 mph. 2/4/6 seaters. 4-6 charge time. Doors, no doors.  Street Legal up to 35mph zones. They start at $8K and go up to $16K, but the customization will be the fun part. Unique to the owner. Sweet.


Another great creation from CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES. A lot of concepts were done for this one including what you see here. The “ATTACK KITT” was revealed at the 2008 Comic Con in San Diego. Let’s hope the show looks as good, eh?

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Welcome to CVS! And big thanks to the guys at STREETFIRE…

Building ELEANOR, The GENERAL & Famous Movie Cars

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Big Day…


Yesterday was a big day. My company, FIREBALLED!, finalized a deal with CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES to create something extraordinary. Press Release will come soon, but I believe that if you put it out there, it has to come back. No matter what. It’s the Law.

I’ve known Ray Claridge at CVS for a very long time. A Man of worth, sincerity and and extreme value. Not many like him around. He does what he says, always on time, and there is nothing false about him. His crew is the same. Bob, Oscar, Amy, Sam and the rest. Which is probably why for the last 35 years, he’s built virtually EVERY movie car on the planet. Oh, … if you’re not familiar with CVS, hit the link. In the next few weeks, you’ll see some cool changes to the website. Some serious Fireball action will begin to appear. Because, as of yesterday, my new home for cool designs and cool builds will be CVS.

Yes, we’ll have tours. Yes, we’ll have SEMINARBQS. Yes, we’ll have an entirely new program for LIMITED EDITIONS and yes… my playground just grew to over 100,000 square feet. Design, Fabrication and EVERYTHING in between. Just you wait and see what’s coming….

This is history… And I’m grateful to do it with a man of integrity.

“Take the first step. You don’t have to climb the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King

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RCX hits with FULL FORCE…



2 days! Insane crowds and crazed RC and car, plane and bike fans! With thanks to CINEMA VEHICLES for bringin’ in the my STREET TUNER CHALLENGE MINI and FLINTSTONES MOBILE, (Chris and Mike!) we met all kinds of great people including passionate families and kids like Evan Medina. Hung out with John Schultz and the boys from HPI RACING, SuperSuperModel MARY RILEY, The Kyosho Girl and hundreds of others. Whoa!

People spent the day racing cool RC Cars, Tanks, Planes, Rockets and had a great time.  The STC MINI was a big hit, thousands having seen the show which is currently airing on SPEED for the fourth time!! Whoa2!

It’s a humbling experience to see the passion embodied by all these people. All positive, hanging with their kids and friends and spreading the enthusiasm. Appreciation goes out to Show Promoter, Warren Lucas for doing such a great job and my thanks and gratitude goes out to all who paid me a visit!!

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