Today’s DAILY RIDE… The Beemer Screamer #BMW

BMWX5Sml copy

IRON MAN 3 Concept and Empire Cover… break cover


Looks like Iron Man will be playing with a full deck… called the Iron Legion. Multiple suits for multiple purposes. This one is for… who knows. But chance are, and I’m just guessing… is for destroying the bad guys. (Just throwin’ that out there…) PLUS, Mr. Downey, Jr on the cover of EMPIRE reveals that although he’s bashed up, he’s still pretty poised. Stark, you might say.


MITSUBISHI Debuts GR-HEV HYBRID PICKUP Concept @ Geneva Auto Show

So now, just about every car company has embraced eco-technology in some way and is working to refine them. The Geneva show will be highlighting many of these, but for now, here’s Mitsubishi’s GR-HEV Hybrid Pickup. Not sure the GrrrHev name works all that well, but it looks good. 😉

teaser-for-mitsubishi-gr-hev-concept_fireball tim

KIA CROSS GT Concept revealed @ The Chicago Auto Show…

My kinda town, Chicago is… especially when cool cars arrive at the Auto Show. This one, from KIA.

2014-Kia-Cross-GT-concept-rear-left-side-view Kia-Cross-GT-4 Kia-Cross-GT-Concept-4 Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 6.09.57 AM

Sunday Concepts are the crazy norm…

T Velo by Adolfo Esquivel

Ok, so for a Sunday like today, how about a VW SUV Concept with no name and a T Velo Bike/Car Mashup by Adolfo Esquivel? My money is on Adolfo’s idea…


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CITI.TRANSMITTER Concept by Vincent Chan…

Concept dood Vincent Chan has created a unique Citi.Transmitter that is a modular community iVehicle system giving you flexibility for your daily doings. Pretty cool and could be fun to see how many variations there could be. Like the teeny Semi-Truck version…

citi.transmitter-community-vehicle-system-by-vincent-chan2 citi.transmitter-community-vehicle-system-by-vincent-chan4 citi.transmitter-community-vehicle-system-by-vincent-chan5 citi.transmitter-community-vehicle-system-by-vincent-chan6 citi.transmitter-community-vehicle-system-by-vincent-chan7 citi.transmitter-community-vehicle-system-by-vincent-chan9

2012 LAAS CONCEPTS – Chevrolet’s Code130-R & Tru140-S…

Strange names for Chevy’s Concepts, but these are actually re-paints of cars that have been on the circuit for a bit. No new concepts for them, but what is new will be revealed January 13th. 13 models, starting with the all new Corvette.

These two, the Code130-R and Tru140-S are just exercises, so don’t expect much from them. They are actually pretty tame and that’s Chevy’s game now. Concept Cars that look drive-able.

I miss the old days of the Motorama… Let’s hope that Chevy gets their wild thang goin’ again…


Thinking about the YEAR…


What is it that I’m going to do this year? Projects, people, cars, doodas, shows, books. I’m in concept mode for the next month, but whatever I decide, it has to be fun. Hard work, but fun.

Conceptual inspired thinking is what we humans do best. Whether it’s in the shower, on the pot or driving, ideas show up when you least expect it. These are called “Thoughts of Inspiration” and they are the most important thing in your life.

When you get one, it’s the universe telling you to get off your butt an “act.” So, don’t let it down by saying, “Oh, I’ll do that later.” Do it now… and watch what happens. It’s a message that can’t be avoided, like an open window of opportunity.

So, as I conceptualize, I think I’ll have pasta for dinner. Pesto. Mmm. not THAT’S and opportunity…