The Consciousness of COOL…


There’s an old French legend…

A poor man was walking along a road when he met a traveler, who stopped him and said: “My good friend, I see that you are poor. Take this gold nugget, sell it, and you will be rich all your days.”

The man was overjoyed at his good fortune, and took the nugget home. He immediately found work and became so prosperopus that he never sold the nugget. Years passed and he became a very wealthy man.

Then… one day he met another poor man on the road. He stopped him and said, “My good friend, I will give you this gold nugget, which, if you sell it, will make you rich for life.” The The man took the nugget, had it valued,… and found that it was only brass.

The Consciuosness of COOL.. is the consciousness of gold, opulence and wealth. If you believe your are, then that’s what you become. Simple.