Wednesday brings COOLNESS with the 2014 Vette?

Wups. Not really, but… it could be. Although the above concept was done in anticipation of the 2014 Vette coming, it may not actually be the final design. But it is… cool. And THAT, my fine freaky friends is why it’s on the FTblog. Who cares if they can’t get it together just yet. For you… I give you the daily dose of dastardly dynamite. So…

Behold… Art by The Crow God, Cannondale’s new CERV Bike, a PowerRod by Chris Matthews, more art by Andrei Pervukhin and the Audi RSQ from iRobot.

Today is humpday. And to get over the hump requires expectation. Expect the rest of the week to be good and it will be, for most. But you have to focus on what’s good and ignore what’s not. Train you mind like to train your body. Go to the Mental Gym and work them puppies. Soon, you’ll be pumped with coolness… Boink!

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Tuesday Start your Engines of COOL…

Ok, I’ve got a big day today, so let’s get things rolling quick. We know Hybrids are out there, but did you know some are wicked cool like this Veritas RS3 Roadster Hybrid? Not much on passengers, but you can strap them to the top pretty easily.

Then there’s art by the infamous Boris Vallejo, The Floow Bike, The ROV Shooting Copter by Addictive RC, the Prometheus Ship you never saw and more art by Blonde. Again, you guys are creation beings doin’ the creation thing.

How can you create cool stuff today? Easy. Think about cool stuff. Think about WHAT YOU LIKE. About what you LOVE. It’s getting pointed out to you in every new moment. It’s everywhere! Become aware of it. Look for it. And be cool… 😉

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Keep COOL for Monday… direct from Fantasy Island

Remember the cool shows of the 70’s and 80’s? Ok, they weren’t actually that cool, but they were fun. Dukes of Hazzard, Starsky and Hutch, and… Fantasy Island. Well, let us begin with a shot of Rourke’s ride from that show, shall we? I shot this at the PCW’s Shop a while back. It’s in bad shape, but will be getting a resto. What else?

How about… The Renault DeZir Concept, art by Ben Carre and Andrei Perukhin, tasty Salad Pizza, an Alien Guitar and the oldest remaining Ford… the 1903 Model A now up for auction.

Monday is the beginning. But so is each thought throughout the day. A new thought equals a new condition (result). Key is, you get to choose, so choose wisely and watch as that condition appears. Simple as that. SEE YA!


Welcome to the Sunday of COOL…

“Thanks JAN ET, for friending me on Facebook!” More to love, baby…

Want to get featured here for doing something cool? Send me a photo.

Ok. Ready…

Relax. Breathe. Take a load off. Chill. Be at Peace. Get up. Have fun. Wag your butt. Scream like hell. Go nuts. Be WILD! Get PASSIONATE! BE CRAZY!! THROW YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!! GET COOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Cause this stuff is poised to make Sunday the day of all days. Let each one sink in and bring you “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….”

The 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish in Minty, Art by Chymere, design by Stephen Chang, a 1200hp Caddy by Hennessey, Dubai from the sky, HULK in 3D and my fav… lil’ Trona. She may be cute, …but she’ll kick you sideways.

No matter what comes today, be ok with it. Stay focused on what you want… as long as it’s what the Universe wants, too. Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Harmony. Work together, man. Let’s make the planet cool…

Let the Saturday COOL begin…

Ahhh, Saturday… Do you know the root for the word Saturday? It’s from the greek Saturus meaning “I’m gonna show you COOL STUFF and you’re gonna LIKE it!!”

Seriously. I wouldn’t kid about such a thing. And since I NEVER kid, here’s some of today’s coolness starting with concept art from MINORITY REPORT! Plus… a TRONSFORMER, Start Trek Art by Ryan Church, the SUBARU Horizon Concept, Pussycat art by Artgerm, cool Light-Cosplay and the best dang STAIRCASE you’ve ever seen!

All, for your Fireballness… GIVE LOVE this weekend and watch it grow in YOU! Peace out ma bruddas…


FRIDAY! Hereeth Stuffeth of Coolness…eth…

A BATCART? Heck yes. Even the Dark Knight needs to get around the Studio Lot, play a few rounds of Dark Golf and poke through retirement communities for Arkum baddies stealing boxes of Depends. I mean, did you even question that?

But wait. Hold on! CAN IT BE!!?? MORE COOLNESS THAN THIS!!!???

Yup. How about the world’s smallest PodRacer, Art by Pablo, a Iron Man’s Baby War Machine, a Bond SuperEcoSub and a cool poster from Ray Ban? Ok, I’m guilty. It’s true. And it’s Friday, so I’m gonna contemplate what needs to be done this weekend after I get my Chocolate Coffee…

Hump Day means COOL STUFF… Cars, Fish and Super Mario!

I get so excited when I see stuff like this. It means people are thinking and creating cool things. I mean, a Bed Fishtank? That’s just so cool that your kid would love you forever. At least… really start to like fish. 😉

But can you say… this BIKERBOMBER is awesome? How about the 2014 Mercedes C Class Sculpture, a Super Mario Guitar, beautiful Dragon Tattoo Art by L.J. Bermejo and the concept model for Frank Gehry’s Facbook Eco Offices?

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Cool Stuff Tuesday… Bikes, Babes and LEGO? Uh, huh.

Ok, is cool stuff limited in any sort of way? Um… That would be NO. SO! Today, being Tuesday and the official week start ’cause of the Labor Whatever Thing… we begin with the coolness culture “From Bikes to Babes to Lego.” Yes, Lego.

Starting off with this Custom Steampunk Bike by KTM, Art by Justin Murray, a TRON Lego Lightcycle, The IronRanger, Facebook’s ZuckerBoy with Master Architect Frank Gehry, a P.O.’d Classic, the TOTO Toilet Bike and the World’s First Solar Plane. What the heck are all these peeps up to? They just want to GO, GO, GOOOO….!

So, the message for Tuesday is to get off your duff and LIVE today like the Universe is at your beck and call. ‘Cause it is.


Cool Stuff for the Holiday Weekend…

Oh yes… it’s a Holiday and Ima gonna do the Cool Stuff thang. Why? Well…

‘Cause that’s what I do and you guys a want it. So, let us begin, shall we? How about a ’57 Chevy Fender Guitar? Can you say “Holy crap… that’s just plain coolio, dude?” I knew that you could. But Feestyureyes on these babies! How about the awesome Porsche Pavilion Building, art by Alberto Ruiz, a full-on Captain America Motorcycle Suit, the Audi Elite by Eric Leong, Grafitti Desktop Dumspters, the ultimate Awesome Grill, a Corvette Bed, the Ferrari Arya Concept and a Stealth Electric Bike by Bomber?

All in this week’s cool stuff… Now go out and do the Holiday like you know you should. Byeeeeee…..

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Cool Stuff for MONDAY! Cars, Dinos and my HoverDog…

Ok, now we’re WAY outta control. Cool cars just aren’t enough anymore since my dog started hovering. So, along with bitchin’ machines like this Ford Falcon Transformer Edition, handmade BatPod, Triceratops Tractor and art by Matt Brady, let’s make Monday start out with a bang.

Included in this set, the Zues Twelve by Gray Design and awesome Citroen photo by Frenchy Photodood Peter Lippman.