The Consciousness of COOL…


There’s an old French legend…

A poor man was walking along a road when he met a traveler, who stopped him and said: “My good friend, I see that you are poor. Take this gold nugget, sell it, and you will be rich all your days.”

The man was overjoyed at his good fortune, and took the nugget home. He immediately found work and became so prosperopus that he never sold the nugget. Years passed and he became a very wealthy man.

Then… one day he met another poor man on the road. He stopped him and said, “My good friend, I will give you this gold nugget, which, if you sell it, will make you rich for life.” The The man took the nugget, had it valued,… and found that it was only brass.

The Consciuosness of COOL.. is the consciousness of gold, opulence and wealth. If you believe your are, then that’s what you become. Simple.


It’s Monday and we’re once again at the beginning of another week. It’s like what’s termed the “Doctrine of the Octave.” We begin all over again on day 8, but at a higher level from day 7! More coolness to make our day, like this Peugeot Onyx Concept Scooter. I’d rock that…

And in the style of making your day great, (above and beyond the coffee that you’re holding,) check out these great pieces. Art by LAUREL D. AUSTIN, A Malibu BMW Charger, an Alien Chestburster PLUSHY, Cosplay of the Day and the new BENTLEY MULSANNE CONVERTIBLE.

A Day of Rest… COOL THAT!!

You can rest from coolness when the cows come home, so until then, the awesomeness persists…

For today, Sunday, I bring you the smackdaddy MCLAREN P1 SUPERCAR heading to the Paris Show. And since the Chief Designer for McLaren is ma bud, Frank Stephenson, he knows that his cars are cool and belong here. (They belong in my garage too, Franco!) At least let me do a review, yo. Sheesh!

Now that THAT’S settled, check out this coolness from the Sunday pluggers of rad. Art by CARLOS VALDERRAMA, the 2013 JAGUAR F-TYPE, Concept Ship by NICHOLAS FERRAND and IAN McQUE followed by the new CORVETTE PROTOTYPE in disguise.

Give the love of cool today, folks! It’ll return to you a hundred-fold. Smile, be kind and treat each other like the siblings we are. Then we’ll all make it to the Ice Cream store in one piece. If not, I’M TURIN’ THIS CAR AROUND RIGHT NOW, MISTER!!

Feast your Wednesday COOL with crazy CONCEPTS…

Wednesday is usually a day of transition. You’re closer to the end of the week than the beginning. And that’s a good thing. But for me, the goal is to bring you closer to what’s awesome. And there’s nothing better than looking towards a positive future.

So, today we start with the GRAVITON by Benjamin Louis. A great design and I look forward to driving it when I’m 11o. Then, there’s MovieBabeArt by Arnold Tsang, a shot from LOOPER, the DREDD Lawmaster Bike, my friend Mr. TomatoWorm from our garden, another concept by Shane Baxley, a great PoochPal and finally, the filmcar from SKYFALL. A Defender I’d rock to the Market.

Why do I show you these? Because positive visions of the future bring us positive outlooks for today. Stay focused on today’s task of bringing yourself a perfect day. You can do it. It’s how it works, baby, so spread the Love.